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I own a Lenz Set 02/4. Have it networked & use an Atlas Handheld as a second throttle. I have managed to "screw up" the addresses of 2 locos trying to consist/unconsist them. Is there a way to "wipe the slate clean" and try again. Here's what I've tried so far: checked and reassigned both loco decoder addresses on isolated programming track - they are correct & respond, but when I place them back on layout, out of programming mode, they do not. Also already tried the usual procedures in Lenz manual for removing locos from consist - problem is no consists are shown to exist when I scroll through the addresses on the Lenz LH200. What I think I managed to do somehow is assign the loco numbers as consist numbers??? yet the consists with these numbers ONLY show up as consists on the Atlas Handheld.

Assigning different numbers to both of these loco's decoders has allowed me to use them again, but I'd really like to regain use of the original numbers. Will this ever be possible? Please help. Thanks.

-- Mike Carr (mopacmike@home.com), December 15, 2001



Probably so. I am not an expert on Lenz. So I'll just make a few quick, general suggestions.

1. Some decoders have a consist CV. Check your decoder manual and make sure that CV is clear.

2. I've screwed up my Digitrax equipment when I was first learning to consist. It's easy to consist. It's even easier screwing up the unconsist process! (Not Digitrax's fault. All mine.) In any case, Digitrax does have a way for you to clear all consists and also loco addresses in it's "roster" (or whatever Lenz calls it). I have also seen where it is possible to have an address in the command station that you can't seem to get rid of without going through this clearing process. Lenz may have a similar way to clear your command station, so make a quick check through your command station manual.

3. Some decoders, like the Soundtraxx, have a master reset procedure for the decoder. Check your decoder manual for that.

4. Contact the US Lenz rep. I believe that is still Debbie Ames. She's always been responsive.

-- Allan Gartner (wiringfordcc@augustmail.com), December 15, 2001.

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