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These are some web things to do:

Fix footer in minutes (done)

Add address to contact page and maybe phone?

Put contact in header

Get calendar started

Add history as category as services.

Add walking tour to services

Walking tour typing, map, and design. Does the map still exist on a file or scanable format. Who did the map? Does the text still exist in a file.

Promote new site to overlay old site. (Jumping is hard, falling is easy.)

Redirect old site to keep the old links working (maybe, to manage search engine links)

Start ongling process to publish newsletters on web as well as dead trees

Get old newsletters

Design newsletter pages and indexes

Get the rest of Syd's historical information

Decide on new menu selections

Put menu horizontally in header

Keep thinking about using the home page as site index. Organize and beautify so folks can see and find everything from home.

Sidebar the committe contacts and maybe generate the leadership page from the sidebars, or maybe not.

Getting security page updates.

Add links to parks, churches, schools, and whatever.

-- Anonymous, December 15, 2001

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