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Could someone enlighten me on the Omega B8 enlarger? I was a the camera store this evening and the clerk recommended that to consider a package of this enlager that encludes a timer, easel, darkroom light, 3 different sizes for negative carrier and a couple of other accessories for $699.00. Is it the best deal (equipmentwise and not quantity)? I was considering a Saunders 6X7 enlarger for $100 more withought neg. carrier or lens!



NB: Comments will be appreciated if the argument is based on quality and not quantity.

-- Adrian Ng'asi (, December 14, 2001


$400 or a bit more will usually buy a D series with a color head around here. $699 seems like way too much for the old B8 even with some other stuff thrown in.

-- Conrad Hoffman (, December 14, 2001.

I used to hve a B8 in my darkroom alongside a D2V and the B8 was a solid sturdy machine. However, we are talking 25 years ago. The D8 hsa not been made for ate least 20 years and there are other, better otpitons available today, especially in thta price range. As the earlier poster noted the price is very high. IF you could get the B8 for less than 200 then it might be worth considering.

IMHO go for the Saunders. they are rock solid and I prefer the design to that of the B/D series Omegas as well. I now use the Saunders 4500 which is their 4x5 version.

-- Ted Harris (, December 14, 2001.

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