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I just bought a Cambo 8x10 SCX on ebay. It came with no lens boards and 4x4 and 5x7 reducing backs. The reducing backs are obviously the same design as the 8x10 back but are just enough thicker that they do not fit in the rear standard. I bought this camera because the price was right aand I think it will be a great studio camera but I need some information about lens boards and backs. Is this a currently manufactured camera? Where can I buy lens boards? Does anyone have the operations manual? (it's all pretty obvious but there is a metal bar which looks like a bellows support that I am not sure about using)

Any help will be appreciated

-- jeff schraeder (, December 13, 2001



I'm sorry that I can't help you with accessories for the Cambo. I just wanted to say that when I bought a Cambo years ago (and I still use it), I called Calumet to see about a manual or ANY sort of instructions. I was told there weren't any. It's not a current model. Try Calumet for lensboards.

-- Don Welch (, December 13, 2001.

Don, It's just like any view camera but I had a question about the silver bar on the rear standard. I'm assumming it is a bellows support for when you are fully extended, otherwise it's all pretty clear. I did find Calumet last night on the web and I think they will have the lens boards. Thanks, Jeff

-- jeff schraeder (, December 14, 2001.

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