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Could you give me your views on elder 's qualifications. here they are trying to put 3 men in. One's wife passed away several months ago, who by the way was not a worker in the church nor did she attend very often. He attended the baptist church for a year when he was away from here with his sick wife. He does not have good teaching ability. He follows the preacher in all matters. Another is the firsts physical brother , whose wife is not a christain. He has a temper in the mens meetings. Both brothers have a smoking habit. The third is the preacher who is one who is pushing these appointments and the way I observe, the 3 and 3 more men have this clique going on, other people have commented on this also. Could I have your views on how to address this. Thank you Gene

-- Anonymous, December 13, 2001


First, I must say that I am so thankful that God has blessed our congregation with such wonderful elders. They are men sound in doctrine and full of love and wisdom. They are a wonderful example to me and my children. My husband follows them willingly as a deacon. I pray I give them no cause for weariness.

I am also thankful that the Lord's church is made up of autonomous congregations. Examine the scriptures, read the pertaining verses aloud in the assembly. If you have participated in gossip, repent. Talk with the men who are being considered. Express the concerns you obviously have. Pray WITH and for these men. That is your part.

My prayers are with your congregation.

-- Anonymous, December 13, 2001

Dear Gene,

The Lord, of course, told us the qualifications of elders. The men whom you have mentioned do not fit these qualifications. They are not blameless. One man is not the husband of one wife, for he no longer has a wife. I would not want a man who could not win his wife to the Lord to serve as an elder. How can he manage the church if indeed he cannot deal with his family. It seems to me that a man who would go to the Baptist church and worship there for a year does not really believe the truth or feel compelled to uphold the truth. How can such a man convict the opposers.

I suspect your notion that politics here is more important than following the instructions of the Lord is correct.


-- Anonymous, December 14, 2001

It does seem as if your congregation (including your preacher) needs to prayerfully read, and study, the New Testament teachings on qualification of elders. Titus chapter 1, verse 5 beginning, specifically addresses this issue, as does 1 Timothy chapter 3. The qualifications are stringent, and very few men (in my opinion) actually meet them. Certainly only mature Christians do. There may be a few of these qualifications on which honest opinions may vary, but most of them seem to me to be straightforward and easily understood. Easily accepted may be another matter.

My parents used to counsel me about marriage, saying "there are worse things than not being married - one is being married to the wrong person". I would submit that there are worse things than not having elders, though that should certainly be a major goal. The fact remains that we should steadfastly adhere to the Bible's standard, and if men are not qualified then none should assume the mantle.

In Him,

Emmett Smith, Paragould, AR

-- Anonymous, December 14, 2001

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