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my dvdplayer (panasonic A160) says it can play videocd´s but when i try to play it it says "no play" or "no disc".. what can be wrong.. i have tried with like 20 different movies (which works at my friends place) is there any "original" videocd´s that it only can read or how does it work.. and if t is just plysing original videocd´s how do i make them original cause a videocd cant be copyprotected.. can it???

-- Daniel Ohlson (, December 13, 2001


The problem is most likely that your DVD player can not play CD-R media. Please go to and look at the DVD player compatibility list and see what it says about your player. Sometimes players that don't support CD-R will play VCDs burned to CD-RW discs. Many DVD players, especially those sold outside of North America and Europe, do not support CD-R media at all. VCDs can't be copy protected under normal circumstances. The format itself does not support copy protection. However, I have read about various methods that can be use to try to give copy protection. I would say that it is very unlikely that anything you tried to copy had copy protection on it and your problem is that your DVD player doesn't like any CD-R media or it doesn't like the brand you used in burning.

-- Jason (, December 13, 2001.

I am having a similar problem. I purchaed VCD's off of e-bay and they were supposed to be compatible with the Samsung 611. However, when I put it in the DVD player it says no disc. If it is supposed to be compatible, what is the problem

-- Debbie Benton (, December 28, 2001.

I bought a dvdplayer for a bargain in cheap householdshop for 50 € and it can almost play everything. Cd R(W) with data jpegpictures, mp3files. Cd, vcd,svcd and Dvd. Note that the dvd, svcd ,vcd and cd have to be burnt with their menus and strict protocols. Most of the time burning programs like Nero automatically set these things right. Though, ironically in contrast with your problems, i can burn for example Svcd's on my pc. , but can only watch the result on my dvdplayer, because Windowsplayer9 and realplayer10 do not support Svcd files. My advise is this: Buy a quite cheap player because it supports mainly everything. Brand i use:Provision Prodvd3100 , 50€.

-- Sien (, January 22, 2004.

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