I am interested in SLA's for non-IT services

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I am looking into developing an SLA framework for a non-it environment, and am looking for relevant information.

Which articles refer to SLA devlopment within non-it environments? Which books will best provide me with an understanding of SLA framework development?

-- David Smith (dnsmith2@hotmail.com), December 13, 2001


David, The key to the solution lies not in books, but in metrics. (See my article http://www.nextslm.org/sturm1.html) The key to establishing an SLA for a non-IT environment is knowing what metrics to use and how to measure them. It is the measurement that will normally pose the greatest challenge in the non-IT, non-instrumented world. You may be faced with having to create some sort of manual process for capturing the necessary data. Contact me directly if you'd like to discuss further.

Rick Sturm

-- Rick Sturm (sturm@enterprisemanagement.com), December 18, 2001.

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