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This is an odd ball question, but someone out there may have some experience. I am lucky enough to be able to produce a Calendar for 2002 which has 13 photographs which is part of a series of work that I would like to try to market to Art Galleries who are interested in Photography (still difficult here in Spain where I am based).

The series of pictures were made in the Outer Hebredies of Scotland in the summer and are about the way mans architectural structures stand out aginst such a fascinating landscape.

(Very) provisional site:

I will be making 300 calendars, as a marketing tool in a large format, very well reproduced ( 5 colours and 2 spot varnishes ) and would like to send about 100 to the "Premier League" galleries in the States and 100 more worldwide. Are there any good listings with contacts out there? any suggestions? It's totally free with no strings attached, just a short acompanying letter with my contact details...

-- Adrian Tyler (, December 12, 2001


galleries will tend to be dismissive of calendars in my experience -- they want to see the real thing. You might want to consider coming to Fotofest 2002 (A HREF => fotofest website if you want want to meet dozens if not a couple of hundred gallery curators and owners and publishers from around the world. Fotofest is a much better place for that than Perpegnion or Arles.

-- Ellis Vener Photography (, December 12, 2001.

fotofest website

-- Ellis Vener Photography (, December 12, 2001.

Mr. Tyler,

before you print up the calendar, you may want to correct the spelling to Outer Hebrides. I like your photographs of Spain (2001) very much.

-- Phil Glass (, December 12, 2001.

Yes, thanks for that call phil, I don't use English too much as I work in Spanish and French in the house, tha Calendar is in Spanish and the proof readers will go over it as a matter of course.

-- adrian tyler (, December 13, 2001.

Adrian: You might have better luck marketing through the better book stores than through a gallery. It may be too late to start a marketing campaign now, unless you can get some stores to carry teh calendars at the last minute. I would make the rounds and see if any are interested.


-- Doug Paramore (, December 13, 2001.

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