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I have been given a mamiya msx 500 camera, I have been thinking of a new Nikon n80. I would like to keep the mamiya if it will take good pictures, does anyone know anything about this camera. How would it compare to the new nikon. Thanks Scott.

-- scott r leary (, December 11, 2001


I have to say the Nikon n80 is a superb camera. But I would keep the Mamiya MSX500 as a backup if it is working properly. It has excellent optics.

-- Ron Herron (, February 28, 2002.

I have used a Mamiya MSX 500 for years and it proved to be a reliable camera. The clearly marked metering section in the bottom of the viewfinder is a very good feature! The only drawback is the fact that the shortest shutterspeed is 1/500th, combined with the fact that the most popular 35mm film nowadays is 200asa/ 100 and slower sometimes has to be ordered, making it more expensive than 200 asa. This is a difficult combination, when making pictures in bright sunlight. Beware of moist! Mine died when I took a couple of shots of a train thundering through the snow. The resulting shower of snow covered my camera and the car's heating did the rest....I admit I was a bit careless! The resulting picture was worth it, though!

-- W. Kruit (, April 07, 2002.

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