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Good morning, Iam in the process of restoring a 1972 cb350 four,and i am wondering if it is possible to still get either an original or reproduction four into four exhaust system to suit.Any help would would be greatly appreciated as this seems to be the only original part i am having trouble with. Kind Regards Dale & Jackee Warry Queensland Australia.

-- Dale Thomas Warry (warry10d1j1h1r1@bigpond.com.au), December 11, 2001


Search around. I recall someone doing repro exhausts - located in the NW US, I believe. They are not cheap if I remember right. Honda doesn't make them anymore, though.

You should also try www.davidsilverspares.com and ebay.


-- Glenn Stauffer (stauffer@dejazzd.com), December 17, 2001.

Having been a collector for over a year now, I can tell you this is the most commonly asked question for those interested in the famous 350 four. There are no reproductions made at this time. Honda no longer makes the pipes and the sources that do have them are running low on stock of the No's. 1,3 and 4 pipes. As of 12/18/01, a number two pipe was sold on Ebay for over $440.00. So, if you can find them, expect to pay big bucks. Even aftermarket-type 4 into 2 systems are becoming rare. Yes, you CAN find these items - but it may take time, patience and lots of money. Good luck to you.

-- Gary Garcia (fivegarcias@peoplepc.com), December 18, 2001.

they are a bit expensive but they are built to stock or custom specs. http://www.qnet.com/~deluxe/ they are located in southern CA, USA good luck with the ride aloha ---c

-- Corey Meister (bicyclemeister@onebox.com), January 06, 2002.

I saw an add somewhere on the net offering a stock fair condition 4/4 exhaust for around $800 US and the seller said he'd throw in the attached motorcycle for free! That should give you an idea of the rarity of these parts.

I'm restoring mine to running condition rather than factory, and the MAC 4/1 is the only current production system I've seen, for $200-300. I've also seen some 4/2 used or NOS systems.

-- drwebb (michaelandkaren@yahoo.com), January 10, 2002.

What Gary G. above said is true. The #2 pipe hasn't been manufactured in years. If you are lucky to find this pipe (inner left) it will most likely have some shelf damage. I traded a used #2 pipe that survived the typical rust-out because of a leaking seal. The pipe had a nice layer of burned on oil. The next hard to locate item will be the correct hangers and tip joints. These joints attach the upper muffler to the lower before the baffles. Keep looking. There bikes do become available. It requires a constant watch between trader online, eBay and the local new groups. The pipe I mentioned above came on a whole bike that was owned by a local seat recoverer. I found the bike by word of mouth. Sadly the only good pipe was the #2 and the baffle had been remove many years ago. The bike had not been used in over 10 years. Had hit a dog. The dog kept on running, the bike didn't. The surprize is that R.S. in Austin knows a collector with NOS OEM pipes still in the boxes. But like all serious collectors, they don't let the word get out as they trade among themselves. Now if you had a NOS CBX gas tank you might find the pipe. Best bet is eBay. But expect to spend $450 or more for just the one pipe.

-- Dick in Raleigh NC USA (tripcd@intrex.net), February 07, 2002.

I bought a complete set years ago. The top left one rusted out (no 1?) so in frustration I put the old 4-1 system back on and stored the pipes in a cupboard in the garage. So I have three pipes (with hangers & balance connectors) in excellent condition (I have high standards, excellent means almost new looking). Gee, I didn't realise they were worth so much...

-- Trevor Lock (lock@alphalink.com.au), June 08, 2002.

Last year at the international bike show in Birmingham (England) I managed to purchase the 1 3 and 4 exhausts from Dave Silvers. I was told then he can not get the #2. Gazelle exhausts in West Wales said he could copy them if needed in stainless steel at around 1200 a set. http://www.gazbike.demon.co.uk/

-- Robin Young (drvenkman2@hotmail.com), October 04, 2002.

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