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Okay, so we're late - what else is new!!

I'd like to start this out by wishing Auntie EM a Happy, Happy Birthday - may all your good dreams come true! I kept trying to figure out your age from things you'd said in past posts, and I think I've got it!! You're 29 again, right?!

Hubby's birthday was yesterday. I had ordered him a wine making kit and a beer brewing kit; one for Christmas and the other for his birthday. Unfortunately, UPS dropped them off while I was sleeping; and Hubs was kind enough to carry them in from the front porch for me; so now he knows what he's getting - dang!! The rest of my gift to him is going to be clearing out enough space in the store room so that he can set them up on a small table - says he's getting to old and achey to bend over... Any and all good winemaking recipes will be gratefully appreciated. Also, I'd like to think up a name for his new "brewery" so I can make a sign for above the door; so if anyone can come up with something, I'd appreciate that too! His first name is John, if that helps.

Pop's Kiwanis family Christmas party is Thursday night, so Hubs, Jessie and I; and Pop's girlfriend Lisa and her little girl Bailey will all be going with him. Then Jes and I are going to bake our gingerbread people and get the tree decorated. I'm fast running out of time to get everything done before my surgery! Still have shopping to do, candy to make, presents to wrap - HELP!!! Hope I can do some of it after; otherwise it probably won't get done! Buddy Jon and I are going shopping after I get off work on Thursday morning, so maybe I'll get a little bit of the shopping done then.

Weather hasn't been half bad around here lately, colder but no rain or snow. Ground still isn't frozen, so maybe there is hope that I can get those last clearance tulips in the ground after all (NO sense, I have absolutely NO SENSE when it comes to clearance priced plants and bulbs!).

Well, I've got to go get ready and head for work; Hope that you all have a happy and stress less week!!

-- Anonymous, December 11, 2001


Happy Birthday from me too, Earthmama! I didn't know we shared the same date for our birthdays. All these years and I've never run into anyone else that shared the date, until now.

-- Anonymous, December 11, 2001

My birthday is on the 11th as well. Happy Birthday both of you.


-- Anonymous, December 12, 2001

My birthday is the 11th as well. Happy Birthday both of you


-- Anonymous, December 12, 2001

What a crazy week here...glad thats over.We have been packing up 55 years of our aunts belongings,whew!I can't believe the gorgeous weather we are having!We had our first really heavy frost this morning.Last Tuesday I went to the big city and saw a guy cutting his lawn!!We still have snap-dragons blooming.Made two batches of beautiful calendula soap,72 bars at 1$ a piece....but I forgot to cut them before they set....anyone need a 11x13 bar of soap???Or if you have any idea how I can cut it let me know,its just chipping away.Tryed an electric knife,and piano wire...looks like I will be re- batching.Took a pair of geese for a friend ,but they ran into the barn scared the horses,the mare fell,and it took us a week to get her back in the barn.Bye BYe geeses.EM happy happy birthday....does this mean you will have lots more wise things to share with us????And how old is old anyway????...happy season to you all enjoy your family.slow down, be blessed....teri

-- Anonymous, December 12, 2001

This week the nursery school was closed down on account of one case of head lice. Lots of the moms are totally over reacting since the last time we were there was Thursday so by Tuesday's class the cooties would all be dead if there were any in the school. Save me from over reactive mommas please!!! At this point my boys still haven't contracted the cooties. Saturday my husband left the fence gate down and the sheep got out. there was a heart stopper. Thank God I don't have that ram anymore or I probably would have noticed them the "hard" way. I have two homes for a couple of those angora rabbits a neighbor gave me last Wednesday. That will leave us with 2 and thats puh- lenty! How often do they need combing anyways? I still haven't caught that duck! My neighbor called again this week to see what I was going to do about it. I told him to shoot the %&^*& thing I was so sick of the situation. The pond froze but not enough for us to walk on and too much to get the canoe into the act. An eagle got the other duck Sunday morning so out of the 4 ducks I originally got I now have two..one at the neighbors pond, one out in the sheep paddock and two wildlife fodder. We leave next week for our christmas holiday to visit hubby's family. really. Better go feed the critters. Bye for now.

-- Anonymous, December 12, 2001

Happy Birthdays! I'm just checking in (kind of as I'm running by!) Between stuff at church, longer hours at work, and for some insane reason, all the extracurricular activities going on this time of year, I'm just about breathless!

Hope you all are well. I'll catch up on the posts one of these days...Stay warm!

-- Anonymous, December 12, 2001

Polly, I can't remember...is your surgery this week? Next week? If I don't get to posting it, remember, I'm thinking/praying for you!!!! (what a way to get some time off, huh?)

-- Anonymous, December 12, 2001

Happy multiple birthdays! Wow, we don't have THAT many members -- what a coincidence that there are three on the same day! I've only run into ONE other person who was born the same day as I, though a different year.

-- Anonymous, December 12, 2001

I'm sooooo late at posting here!!! It seems that the weekend and the first part of each week just go "poof"!! And I don't even work outside of my own home and home business...I can't imagine how hectic it is for you all who go out into the world to work!!!

I am still waiting for winter here! Other than last Sat. when we had an inch or so of snow (which disappeared very quickly!!), we've had temps in the 50's. I do not like Christmas when there is no snow and the robins are still here. A few weeks ago I was worried about my daylilies which were sprouting again...now my daffodils are up an inch or so! Does this mean that they will not reappear next spring???

As usual, Polly, you seem to be going in ten different directions...wish I had half your energy :-)!! Here's hoping that all goes well with your surgery!!!!!

Wednesday is the day that have my granddaughter here all day and, whew!!! I am POOPED!! I'm not sure if I've only seen this commercial on local t.v. or if it's on satellite, but in this commercial, the older guy says about his grandson that "he wears him out, but he never gets tired of him". And...wow...can I ever relate to that!! We made doughnuts today, with my kitchen wearing a wonderous shade of "flour-white"!! Plus somehow I became the "voice" of all the stuffed animals that she has here. By the end of the day, and when I'm conversing with my hubby, I'm not sure what kind of animal I am!!! But I enjoy every minute...the years go by so fast.

That's it for me...the keys are staring to blur! Have a great week everyone!!

-- Anonymous, December 12, 2001

Oh thank you all so much for your friendly wishes!! I've been too busy the past couple of days to spend any time on the puter; what a lovely surprise!!

I'm 53, by the way; didnt mean to sound coy, just makin a funny.

My kids cooked my a lovely dinner; have no idea what I ate, but it was all delicious (Lotus made it up as she went along) Very cajun.......Then we all went out to a play at a long-standing local theatre group called Dudley Riggs' Brave New Workshop. Play was called NOG, was a series of sketches about the holidays, much of it improvised. Absolutely hilarious; my face still hurts from laughin. Lotus got up on stage for an audience participation thingy; she always has to be the center of attention !!!

Happy belated birthday to Alison and Terry!! How lovely that we share the same date.

My thoughts will be with you tomorrow, Polly. Best of luck to ya, and may your recovery be swift.

Love to you all,

-- Anonymous, December 13, 2001

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