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-- Xsqi-Captain Sazaki Takari (103948472H2391045937463G3937@nia.intelligence.a.qx), December 11, 2001


The Cnodhis Transmitter is beeping to the Viachhian Empire from Area 51. Currently, we are sending AMA Triodafe (Trained Infiltrators) to stop the Transmitting device at all costs. 12 Cloaked Infiltrators with shielding will disable the transmitter while the 8 other Infiltrators will gather as much information about the projects going on in Area 51. All Commanders will meet back at 0800 Hours before the Viachhian Empire starts Galaxy War 1.

-- Anq-Commander Sakura Hitomi Takari (482934J38273G38A4857H848234@nia.intelligence.a.51), December 20, 2001.

Captains: The AFPE meeting in Hawaii will be starting at 0500 Sharp at Court 3934.

Commanders: The AFPE meeting in Russia will be starting at 1600 Sharp at Court 9156.

Novices: The AFPE meeting in Argentina will be starting at 0900 Sharp at Court 7392.

-- Xsqi-Captain Shiang Yu Hua (398748374839283G8383D838D39@nia.intelligence.a.24), December 21, 2001.

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