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Some time ago I bought two Omega D-5 VC Black & White Enlargers. I can't get parts as no one stocks them---unless I want to wait six to eight weeks to get them... I'm thinking about replacing the enlargers. I'd like opinions on what any of you might think would be suitable replacements. I was going to buy a ZBE autofocus, but they officially stopped making them... Just my luck. Any advice would be appreciated. Please respond to my e-mail address. Thanks! Bruce

-- Bruce M. Mackh (Alphapubs@aol.com), December 11, 2001


Have you tried Harry? http://classic-enlargers.com/omega_toc.htm

-- Alec (alecj@bellsouth.net), December 11, 2001.


Consider the Durst L-1200 with either a Durst Multigraph VC system or Ilford Multigrade. Rock-solid and a joy to use.

Season's Greetings ... Walter

-- Walter Glover (walterg@netaus.net.au), December 11, 2001.

Why replace the D5's unless there's a need? If they works now, they will probably work long into the future. As for negative carriers and the like, they are available on the used market. I used to use a VERY old D2V, there were no parts available for it, and I never had a problem. Are there things that you don't like about these enlargers? If so, what?

I like my Zone VI a lot, and I have the older version. If you use a condenser light source, it's easy to adapt an Omega condenser onto this enlarger with the Beseler adaptor. The Beseler color heads are an option with this adaptor. You can also easily expand to either 5x7 or 8x10. While my enlarger works great, I would recommend the newer Type II enlarger versus the older Type I.

-- neil poulsen (neil.fg@att.net), December 11, 2001.

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