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I have an ATI AIW PRO 128, Adobe Premier 5.1, and bbMPEG. My ATI card does a great job of capturing live streams and encoding to various formats/quality (MPEG-1 / MPEG-2).

However, once I edit the captured (say MPEG-1) file using Adobe Premier 5.1, I need to re-encode the Premier project (say back to MPEG-1). It takes 3 to 4 times longer to re-generate the mpg file as it did to capture the file in the first place and the quality is much lower (I also have some problems with jerky video motion and audio synchronization).

MY QUESTION: Why can't I export the movie in real time back through my ATI capture card hardware? This would mean 1:1 linear time to convert data formats and the result would have the same reliable quality (i.e. I have never had a problem with a file generated by my capture card). To be clear, I would like to have Premier use my ATI hardware to produce the result file.

Am I missing something?



-- Jason Springer (, December 11, 2001

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