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A number of new writers are appearing in Forthright Magazine. Last week, Jeff Jenkins wrote for us; he works with the North MacArthur congregation in Oklahoma City and guest-edited an upcoming edition of the Gospel Advocate. Mike Eaton, minister in Acton, Tenn., will be published soon also. It's a great time to sign up on-line or by e-mail.

And if you'd be interested in writing for Forthright, I'm reprinting the guidelines below.

Guidelines for Writers
Forthright Magazine

1. Make your article short and to the point, even
   saucy. Readers scan most e-mails. The longer an e-
   mail (and your article), the quicker the scan, the
   less they'll get.

2. Better to reflect on one verse of Scripture, citing
   it in the text of your article, than to throw at
   the reader a hundred Bible references he'll never
   look up. We want to get him face to face with

3. Write short sentences and paragraphs. No dumbing
   down, but 19th Century flourishes don't last long
   in 21st Century virtual space.

4. Stay upbeat, positive, and kind, above all. There's
   time to speak directly and show error for what it
   is, but even then, do it with grace.

5. Be personable. The Internet is a very personal
   medium. Avoid a stand-offish posture. But don't
   let Christ get outshone by your brilliance. ;-)

6. Send your article as plain-jane e-mail text.

7. We don't normally do reprints. Send original
   articles never before published. After we publish
   it, all rights revert to you.

8. Last, so you'll remember to do it first: Pray about
   your article, that it may bless many people and
   you may write with the truth of God and the spirit
   of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Updated December 2001

-- Anonymous, December 11, 2001


Just got another article today by Jeff Jenkins. I think Mike Brooks of Florence, Ala., may be cranking out one for us, too. They'll all send us great stuff, along with Jimmy Jividen (Abilene, Tex.), Phil Sanders (Nashville, Tenn.), Greg Tidwell (Cincinatti, O.), and Barry Newton (San Jose, Calif.). Wonderful servants of God and men dedicated to the gospel.

-- Anonymous, December 11, 2001

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