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I am dying to attend SANTARCHY in SF this year but I have no idea where or when it is. Does anyone know? For the love of God tell me I didn't miss it already!


-- Laila Ansari (, December 11, 2001


i'm afraid you did--here's one person's description, with some pix.

-- Amy Hostler (, December 11, 2001.

I went to the persons http address on the first answer, and as far as I can tell, that shindig took place in seattle.

I got this email from a friend and am trying to figure out if it's accurate or if someone could let me know (before the 15th) I'd appreciate it :)

for more info and the history of this sort of insanity go to:

San Francisco Santa Derby

Saturday, December 15

3 PM until...

leave milk and cookies by the hearth

----> Event Description <--------------------------------------------- --

Just when you thought it was safe to open the flue in your chimney again, it's the...

San Francisco Santa Derby

Once again, defying all common sense, there will be a Crazy Santa Crawl through the throngs of unsuspecting Christmas shoppers and baffled tourists, this time along Haight Street and through the Marina. Gird your loins for an all-day event, since we'll be HO-HO- HOing past dirty teenage hippy-wannabes and drug-addled derelicts in the afternoon, followed by an evening of snooty Chestnut Street shoppers looking for just the right wine rack to match the brushed- chrome pantry drawer pulls. There will be stops at the bars, donut shops, lingerie stores, and possibly the Northern Station Police Headquarters if you don't behave yourselves. But the Naughty Santa show was last weekend, so instead we'll be 'nice' as we lurch around town with our bullhorns and hip flasks.

This is a multi-staged event, which you can join at various times throughout the day. The initial kickoff will be at Murio's Trophy Room on Haight Street at 3 PM, and then we'll parade towards the Lower Haight, hitting bars and head shops along the way. When the Red Brigade eventually reaches Fillmore, we'll board the Loony Bus (Muni #22) and head off towards the Marina. You can also provide your own transportation if you're in any shape to do so. At 7 PM we'll meet at the Marina Green, and join forces with any evening-only Santas who show up. From there we'll spread Christmas Cheer and Mad Reindeer Disease to the Marina area and it's foofy shopping avenues. Remember that America is Open For Business, and Santa's got a brand new bag!

Bring along odd gifts, bawdy carols, good walking shoes, drinking/bail money, and of course, a cheap Santa suit. Dress warmly if the weather so warrants.

Saturday, December 15:

3 PM - Murio's Trophy Room, 1811 Haight Street, at Stanyan (tip well!)

7 PM - Marina Green, near the Harbor Office building Look for the stone/brick with lighted cupola on the waterfront opposite Scott Street. There are bathrooms available (maybe). We'll depart when all the afternoon Santas have arrived. Bring something to stay warm.

It ain't Christmas until the Fat Man jingles

-- Todd S (, December 13, 2001.

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