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Is it possible to transfer video recorded by a non-digital camcorder to a VCD? If so, what do I need to do this?



-- Michael Smith (, December 10, 2001


You have more than one option to do this.

There are VCD recorders (I mean stand-alone recorders) that will do the work for you, think about it as a VCR that uses CD.

The other option is to get a video capture card for your PC, editing software (usally included), an Mpeg-1 compressor and a Burner software that allows you to burn CD's in VCD format.

-- Ulises (, December 25, 2001.

How much of a VHS tape will go on a CD? They were saying about 70 minutes for some of the other CD's. So can I assume that I could put about an hour of VHS home movies on each CD.

-- Franklin Eddy (, December 30, 2001.

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