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I need dimensions for a V21 rudder. Mine is needing replaced, and i'm not sure I want to copy the one I have. Does anyone have a good rudder they are happy with that I can have the dimensions for? Mine is solid wood, and designed to pivot around a bolt located about the level where the lower pintle is. I want to build my own instead of buying havencraft's set-up. Thanks, Marty

-- Martin Hiner (, December 10, 2001



I'm not sure how to run the downhaul lines to hold the rudder down. I have been experimenting with running the line through the pintles and up to the horn. I have a bungee line that is tied off to the forward part of the lower blade that runs through the pintles. At the top pintle I then tie a regular line to the bungee. This is what gets hooked around the horn. This is also the same line that is attached to the back of the blade so I can hold it up when I'm loading and unloading from the trailer. The bungee is in place so if I ever hit anything the blade will still pop up. I'm not to crazy about my setup, but it is functional at best. I've seen where guys have welted a handle onto the lower bolt and they just tighten the bolt down with the handle once the blade is lowered. Again, not to crazy about that setup either. Every year I keep experimenting with this system and always come back to the original design. One thing I have looked at was a jam cleat that replaces the horn. This cleat will, when enough force is placed on it, release from its bracket and allow the line to uncleat. We have this system on the NACRAs that works really well, but no clue how to adapt it to this rudder system. I am defiantly open to other ideas on this.

-- Brian Knight (, February 10, 2002.

I have a 1975 Venture 17, and the ruuder looks a lot like Brian's picture. But as to the the down haul rig, what is the correct way to run the lines? Good sailing, Don

-- Don Newhouse (, February 09, 2002.

Rudder 480x640 63kbs

Hi Martin,

Here is a shot of the rudder on my 1968 V21. If this is close to how yours is designed I will get the dimensions for you. This rudder works great for us. I usually have the rubrail in the water before I lose steerage.

-- Brian Knight "Joint Venture" (, December 10, 2001.

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