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Have you ever really thought about toothpaste?

-- (Meemur@Kinda.Here), December 10, 2001


I mean, think about it: TOOTH PASTE. How weird.

-- (Meemur@Wonder.Wonder), December 15, 2001.

-- Carl (clilly@goentre.com), March 26, 2002.

Do you ever look at this forum, Carl????? (:

-- (Meemur@Dark.Street), April 23, 2002.

It is time for the sunset, but I can't see it. Heavy, low clouds hang over everything. It has been raining for four days now. The water is rising, rising over the tops of the sidewalks. I just saw a dead duck float by.

Is it ever going to stop raining?

-- (Meemur@Sunset.Street), May 13, 2002.


-- (Meemur@Flooded.Street), May 24, 2002.

Hello, Carl

It's still raining.

It's been raining for days.

I'm now sitting on top of my roof and waving to you.

-- (Meemur@Rainy.Street), June 06, 2002.

It is still raining. The forecast is rain. I'm singing in the rain. I'm in a forum by myself!

-- (Meemur@Tree.Street), June 09, 2002.

Yep. I'm still here. It has stopped raining. I can see the pavement.

-- (Meemur@Dry.Street), June 18, 2002.

Happy 4th of July!

It is dry. We are in a drought. I had to water my house so that it won't catch on fire if anyone starts shooting off bottle rockets & such.

I'm still in a forum by myself. ):

-- (Meemur@Muggy.Street), July 04, 2002.

Hi, Meemur! Carl doesn't check in here very often, eh? FWIW, tooth PASTE is not the original invention, IIRC. It was tooth POWDER, wasn't it? LOL... Guess we BOTH need to get a life, eh? WOOF! (Woof....woof)

Wow, some echo in here!

-- Gr8DaneDood (We@renot.alone), July 09, 2002.

Yeah, it's quite an echo.

Did you get a chance to drive through Parkersburg on your trip?

Hope all is well with you.

-- (Meemur@Sunset.Street), July 10, 2002.

I think you've mixed me up with someone else, Meemur. I didn't take a vaction this year :( and I dunno where Parkersburg is.... sorry for the confusion!

-- Gr8DaneDood (Dazed@nd.confused.huh), July 13, 2002.

Yeah, it was GB7. Sorry, Dude! I've been doing that a lot these days.

Carl! Come back and check in!!

-- (Meemur@Sunny.Street), July 15, 2002.

Well, it's August. Carl is MIA . . .

-- (Meemur@Tree.Street), August 19, 2002.

It's September, I detect a frown. Close your eyes and turn it upside down! Happy Labor Day!

-- (Meemur@Fall.Street), September 04, 2002.


-- (Meemur@Tree.Street), October 02, 2002.


-- (Meemur@Tree.Street), November 19, 2002.

And it's now December!!

-- (Meemur@Icy.Street), December 06, 2002.

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