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I have a chance to buy a "fully functioning" 4x5 Ica Juwel (c. 1920), but the seller says he does not have the film holders for it. Does anyone know if there are holders that will work and are readily available?

Much thanks.....budding oldies buff.....Alex

-- (, December 10, 2001


Try trolling Google and eBay. I just picked up some nice Nagle 9 x 12 film holders on eBay. Ken

-- Ken Woodard (, December 10, 2001.

and don't forget that they used glass-plates at that time. So for todays sheet film you need thin plates that were insert first to fix the film in the right position. Another point of weakness is the felt strip at the slide opening.

-- Thomas Vaehrmann (, December 11, 2001.

I believe the Juwel takes a different kind of holder (it snaps in and is released by a button for lack of a better description) versus the ridged plate holders found on the Voigtlander Avus or Zeiss Ikon Maximar, Trona and similar less expensive cameras. I would ask JC Welch at Equinox Photographic, who knows ICA pretty well.

-- David Stein (, December 11, 2001.

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