Goerz Gotar 16 1/2" lens

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What is the coverage of a 16 1/2 inch Goerz Gotar lens? I know it will cover 8x10 - any larger? I have a Goerz Dagor. I believe the Gotar will be even sharper. Thank you very much.

-- Stephen Jensen (stephen.jensen@andrew.com), December 10, 2001


My recollection is that the Gotar is constructed similar to an Artar. On that basis, you might get 11x14 coverage out of a 16.5" Gotar but I doubt much more. The Gotar definitely has a narrower view than the Dagor.

-- Donald Brewster (dpbrewster@prodigy.net), December 10, 2001.

According to the 1938 Goerz catalog, the 16 1/2" Gotar "Plate size for infinity" is 11X14 inches. "...the lens is of symmetrical design, consisting of 4 single uncemented lenses...", which sounds to me like the Artar formula. It appears to have been a photoengraving lens for B&W work, but Goerz also says: "The lens is also suitable for photography of furniture, automobiles and machinery.". 16 1/2" Dagor coverage given in the same catalog is 11X14 at f7.7, 14X17 at f16, and 20X24 at f45. I seem to recall Artar/Gotar lenses don't increase coverage much as they are stopped down (at least not to the extent Dagors do). If you have a chance to use your Gotar on 11X14 (or larger), please let us know the results. Catalog coverage and real world coverage sometimes differ.

-- Leonard Robertson (leonard@harrington-wa.com), December 11, 2001.

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