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i entend to buy a slide in roll film holder 56x7) to use with my new technikardan S 45, after browsing a lot, i found that the toyo must be a good value for money, but i don't know if is not too thick for my camera, any suggestions ?

I really need a slide-in one because of dust while in the field, anyone compare rapid rollex to super rollex in therm of film flatness ? i don't understand why the rapid is cheaper than the super ?

-- dg (, December 10, 2001


The Toyo is a good model, however with my Sinar back it is too thick, but just barely. Check the manuf. specs or compare your camera to a friends Sinar. I have two of the Calumet models, but they have problems. Visit this link on my page for more info on Calumet backs.

-- Richard Stum (, December 11, 2001.

The back on a modern Linhof will open wide enough to accept a Polaroid Pack Back (thicker then a Polaroid 45 back) it is very doubtful that the Toyo back is that thick.

As long as you have a Linhof TK you might also look at the Linhof Rapid Rollex 67 slide in back which is made in both 45 and 23 camera versions.

-- Bob Salomon (, December 12, 2001.

Actually Bob, the Toyo slide in holder IS thicker than the Polaroid pack film back (# 550) as I have this two of these backs. It works fine (yet snug) in a Sinar, but as I mentioned above the Toyo holder will not fit in a Sinar while using the hand lever. One must pry the whole groundglass up and away for the Toyo holder to fit.

-- Richard Stum (, December 13, 2001.

The Toyo back is 48mm thick in the 4x5 version (the 2x3 version is 47mm thick). The reason it is so much thicker than the Linhof, Cambo and Sinar slip-in backs is that it uses a simple straight through film path with one spool on each end of the holder. The other brands of slip-in backs place both spools on the same end allowing the body of the holder to be thinner. The straight through film path of the Toyo holder eliminates the tight hairpin turn required in the film path of the thinner slip-in holders. This simple design results in a thicker back, but one that is also quite a bit less expensive than the Linhof or Sinar backs. In addition to slipping in under the ground glass on cameras with sufficient clearance, it also is designed to work with the Grafloc style sliders on cameras so equipped. One way or the other it would work with your Linhof (although the use of the sliders would eliminate the convenience you seek in a slip-in back). You might want to call Jeff at Badger Graphic. He carries both Linhof and Toyo products. Assuming he has both in stock, he could probably give you a definitive answer to your question.


-- Kerry Thalmann (, December 13, 2001.

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