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I have .dat files in hard disk. How can I merge two .dat files. Is there any free software please tell me.


-- THIRUMURUGESAN (, December 10, 2001


I would recomend using vcdgear2.0 ( ) to convert the dat files into mpegs and then use software like Camels Mpegjoin to recombine the 2 mpegs into one.

-- Batfink (, December 13, 2001.

Rename the .dat to .mpg, use tools in TMPGEnc to merge the two files.

-- Ron Marietta (, December 13, 2001.

TMPGEnc is an excellent product for merging of 2 MPEG files with very decent quality.

Steps :

File > Mpeg tools > Merge & Cut

-- SY Chai (, March 18, 2002.

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