What do you look for in a good online journal?

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I'm just beginning to explore the world of online journaling, and giving some thought to starting my own. I've seen a number of different ongoing journal sites, in a number of different styles, and as I studied them it occured to em to wonder: What would draw ME to return to every update of an online journal, and what would I reasonably expect people to expect from my missives? The most common denominator in answering both questions was this: That I'd like to be exposed to deep and incisive thoughts on human conundrums from another perspective, and that I should be prepared to offer a fresh perspective myself on such matters. In other words, share the painful crossroads of your life, and my life ... not to bleed for blood's sake, but to move toward a shared wisdom that can help others apply these object lessons to our own lives.

For instance, I enjoy Jen Wade's missives, but I find it frustrating that she skips over what I think of as "the good stuff" -- the insights into friendships, romantic relationships and other personal and professional crossroads that I think would make me bookmark her site. This is not a knock on her approach -- she has chosen her path, and her tales of everyday minutae appear to have a popular following.

But if I were to start a similar journal, I would share my joys, my pains, my dilemmas, my decisions and my rationales in all their ragged glory, without withholding scathing self-criticisms and searing judgements. But does that make for better reading ... or better self-absorption? Is it flaccid exhibitionism or piercing insight by definition? Or is this not an "either/or" argument, but rather an individual matter of the tale-teller and how well the tales are told? What journaling style most appeals to you, and why? What do you get out of reading someone else's thoughts, be they "What I did today" or "What I felt, and why, and what I'm going to do about it"? What works, and what doesn't?

-- Anonymous, December 09, 2001


There are other web journals out there?

I would guess if they are personal journals they would be well personal. And discussion fourms would well be like this. Not trying to be a smart ass John

-- Anonymous, December 10, 2001

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