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ok i can't take it any longer. if there is anybody out there who would be willing to encode and ftp me the episodes of aeon flux that i'm missing (all the ones that were never sold) i would be eternally gratefull. it actually makes me occasionally sick to my stomach that there are episodes i haven't seen.

i konw this sort of thread pops up a lot around here, but honestly, it's time that something gets done about it! if there is ever going to be any hope of reviving this series than it really needs to be available online so that people who are unfamiliar with the show can be blown away and demand more more MORE!!!! i mean c'mon people. the internet is our only hope.

and yes of course i realize this would be illegal distribution, but, yeesh, who cares? i highly doubt that peter and the rest of the aeon crew would lose anything in having the show distributed and popularized online.

-- selfishgiant (, December 09, 2001


Um, excuse me? All the Aeon eps were sold, in the form of the tapes. In other words, if you have Aeon Flux, Aeon Flux: Mission Infinite and Aeon Flux: Operation Terminus, you have them all, my man.

-- Inukko (, December 10, 2001.

Unless you count dangerboy's statement of all sorts of work not released containing more and wonderful Fluxian adventures; (see Animatrix column). It's a thought I've been putting off dwelling on for fear of my own lack of control. Witness the actual content of my mind every time I even entertain such things; "Hmmm, he prob lives in L.A. not far from here..."

-- Barb e. (, December 10, 2001.

Barb I've tried to email you directly a couple of times, without success. Are you aware that it apparently is impossible (for mr at least) to reach your email-addreess independently?

-- dangerboy (, December 10, 2001.

No, I'm not aware of that. Are you using the email address this one is at? It should work. My aol address is defunct though.

-- Barb e. (, December 10, 2001.

Anyone named selfishgiant is going to have a snowball's chance in hell convincing people to give him copyrighted material (that has been publicly available for a few years now, by the way), so that he can supposedly start a revivalist movement with nothing but the best interests of the series in mind. Dude, just plunk down the cash and stop bothering people.

-- Logo (, December 11, 2001.

I honestly thought there were only two vhs tapes realeased plus one DVD. At least, that's what a friend of mine had told me.

I still stand by my suggestion that the only hope of reviving this show is to have the episodes readily available online. I don't understand how someone so conservative as to care about the distribution of Aeon Flux online could enjoy the show on anything but the most superficial level anyway. I'm honestly dismayed at the reaction I've recieved from my post. I think it's totally reasonable to think that online distribution could only benefit the show, both in popularity and the sale of dvds and cassettes.

Logo, I made a mistake and should have browsed online looking for those episodes before "bothering people". Oops! Apparently I'm not a "real" fan of the show or something. Well fuck you. There was no reason for you to be spitefull.

And the name 'selfishgiant' comes from a childrens story by Oscar Wilde, which I would suggest that you read, as it may lighten you up a little.

-- (, December 11, 2001.

"start a revivalist movement"

I don't think many of you people on this message board have an appreciation for the fact that Aeon Flux originally aired 10 years ago. TEN YEARS! There is a new generation of kids online that have no idea who or what Aeon Flux is and that I'm sure would love to see this show. In many countries the show was not re-aired as often as it was in the U.S.. For example, I haven't seen it here in Canada for 5 years. I think "revivalist movement" is a little too strong for what I'm hoping to do, but I certainly don't see anything wrong with trying to spread the word.

-- selfishgiant (, December 11, 2001.

Hey giant, if you are sincere in your goals then more power to you. It just seemed odd to me that a fan of the series wouldn't know that all the episodes have been distributed on the set of three tapes. It sounded like you were just trying to bum some free stuff off people. But if I am wrong, then my apologies.

For the record though, at one point MTV was putting the episodes online. The quality was god awful, and the download time was horrendous, but they were there for all to see at no cost.

-- Logo (, December 11, 2001.

Stop, thief!!

Seriously, the decision to put the show online is not yours to make. I want to sell you the Brooklyn bridge, can I do that? No, because it doesn't belong to me. 0.1% of all laws are there for a reason. You are breaking one of those. Break a bad law, why don't you.

If you wish to pursue your project, the sensible thing to do would be to make a deal with the owners of the show. Have your people call their people. "Do lunch". Make them money.

-- Eternal Triangle (, December 17, 2001.

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-- ABIBEUH (LEFILOSOF@VOILA.FR), January 22, 2004.

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