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I'm a little confused as to what to do with ICC profiles after I have them. Do I take the scan and apply the ICC profile of the scanner, then, convert the scan to my working space in photoshop. Next apply the ICC profile of my monitor. And, after color correcting, etc., apply the ICC profile of the output device?

I understand the need and function of the profiles, but havent put the pieces together yet. Any help would be appreciated.

-- Walter Johnson (, December 08, 2001


One of the best sources of information I found when I was setting up Photoshop and learning to understand a ColorSync workflow was the Inkjetmall web site:

I would strongly recommend downloading and studying their PDF files. Here's the briefest summary: as preparation one selects a working space in Photoshop, and builds a monitor profile with appropriate software and calibration gear. Then when you import a file, either from a digital camera or a scanner, you apply the profile for your input device. You work with the file, adjusting curves, sharpening, etc., and then "soft proof" to the screen by applying the profile of your output device. That same output profile also shapes the nature of your final output. Barry Haynes also has an excellent series of articles available on his web site that were originally published in "Communication Arts" on color management software and hardware:

-- Christopher Campbell (, December 08, 2001.

Yes Walter, this is very confusing matter and even I use color management for some time, I am never certain I can explain exactly how it works without taking a plunge into it! And the recipe is different for each type of work.

Other good resources include the books "Photoshop for photographers" and "Real world Photoshop". I would also recommend subscribing to the ColorSync mailing list which you can do from the link below. It's a very good place to read about and discuss matters linked with color management and specific equippments, and there are some fine counsellors who can give great advice. Have a safe journey there! ;-)

-- Paul Schilliger (, December 09, 2001.

As usual, Thanks a big bunch Christopher!

Color management reminds me of the Firesign Theater routine titled "Eveything You Know is Wrong"

-- Ellis Vener Photography (, December 09, 2001.

Andrew Rodney is the King of colour management.

Go to his site at and you will find info, papers and downloads on most of what you need to know.

And yes, Real World Photoshop will also give you a lot of good info - one of the best books about PS

Tim A

-- Tim Atherton (, December 09, 2001.

PS - go to Tips & Tricks, as well as hunt around in other places on there

Tim A

-- Tim Atherton (, December 09, 2001.

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