Mission: Kcaorahii Universal Command

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The Kcaorahii Universal Command maintains the Nexis Intelligence Agency in Unatia, Russia. What I have a huge problem with is how they where able to take over a 45 acre piece of land in Siberia. Although the schooling have been hard on all of us, don't we all agree? Nothing else is as hard as the Kcaorahiian Training Methods. I mean, they send information that could not be decoded because it's all in the Kcaorahiian Language. Everything that is sent to us is in the Kcaorhaiian Data formation. That's... 2.483^Google characters. I would like to know how you could comprehend it all. How is school. Can anyone explain?

-- Cey-Commander Simon Jacob Cannerston (10589283892837U192B1038G102@nia.intelligence.a.38), December 08, 2001


Well, school has been sort of interesting. The way Kcaorhaiian Data is sent to us are in the Nuwey Kcaorahiian Language. It's just like you and I transfering information in the English language, but it's encoded in the Chinese language, only it's very complicated and is totally flawless, but saves a lot of space. The schooling methods of the Kcaorahiians have a very unique touch. They give os simulations of Tachyon Haros and such. The Atom session was totally sweet. Man, earth was wrong all the way. Instead of 3 parts to an atom, there are 5. The Ronair, Nacse, Gauw. Nqeu, Tkae, and the Bqier. Neutrons, Protons, and Electrons are just the beginning. I had to swallow 12 Advils just to do the numbers. The Kcaorahiian language is 100% more harder than Chinese and Japanese combined. The Kcoarhiians have approximately 34000 languages. That's more than earth and they are with characters, no lettering stuff just hard to write characters. I really wonder how they where able to pull it all off.

-- Xhy-Captain Ryan Alan Fortrence (49384A4937P4E849384695V4345@nia.intelligence.a.20), December 08, 2001.

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