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I am an enthusiastic amateur... been taking pictures for 7 years with my wonderful Rebel II. Something is wrong with it, and I'm in a real pinch- I have to have a good camera for a friend's wedding around Christmas. So, I went shopping today. I can (and will) get my Rebel II fixed, but it would take too long. SO... I found a Rebel X for about $200 and a 620 for $175. I think the 620 is a better camera, although the X has features that I'm familiar with from my Rebel II. How do these two cameras compare to the Rebel II?? In performance, battery life, anything-else-I-may-need-to-know? The main setting that I used ALL the time on my Rebel II was the portrait setting- the one with the little head. LOL Thanks!

-- Bekki Bradshaw (, December 08, 2001


Why not just upgrade to the Rebel G, you can find a bunch off ebay for less than 200 dollars.

-- Jake F. (, December 08, 2001.

or even a rebel 2000? like the one andre aggassi uses...

-- jeff nakayama (, December 08, 2001.

The Rebel X has better autofocus than either the Rebel II or the 620. The 620 Was Canon's second EOS and the AF was not very good compared to more modern cameras. In fact the Rebel II had better AF.

The 620's only claim to fame is it's 1/250 second top flash sync speed. Not something I'd base a camera purchase on. It's motor speed was faster, and it's built well. But it doesn't have a portrait mode. They sell on Ebay for $150 to $200. Check the shutter blades for what looks like dried oil/grease in the upper left corner. A frequent & sure sign of an expensive repair coming due.

The only real difference between a Rebel X and the newer Rebel G was the G model offered E-TTL flash metering capability. If you don't have an EX series Speedlite, that won't matter. But $200 is about $50 too much unless it includes a lens with it.

-- Jim Strutz (, December 08, 2001.

The Rebel 2000 is kickass compared to the old Rebels. Ok, it doesn't have the softfocus mode or a metal lens mount, but it has way better AF, flash and exposure system. Of course, it has all the usual pic modes in the Basic Zone, including your fav, Portrait Mode. Later, you may add a vertical release/battery pack, E-TTL Speedlite and a RS60-E3 electronic release.

B&H sells the Rebel 2000 body for $250 new.

-- Puppy Face (, December 10, 2001.

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