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Hello to everyone. This post is long overdue, since I attended View Camera's large format workshop for newbies this past May in Carmel, California.

Steve Simmons put on a two day + evening workshop for those with little or no experience with large format cameras. Mr. Simmons had ample material relating to setup, focusing, metering of the format. I think there were something like 12 people in our group, and we were all at the same level: experience in smaller formats of photography, but not much (if any) exposure to 4x5 and larger.

We were all required to bring our own gear with us, but Steve offered to line us up with equipment if we were there to see if the format was for us. I had recently purchased a Canham DLC 45 (decent starter camera, eh?), and had shot about a dozen shots before the class. Steve brought with him Polaroid type 52 materials for all to use. And what a great learning tool.

Mr. Simmons was extremely sensitive to those who needed more attention, and I took away a great deal of confidence about the format after the weekend. Carmel is wonderful place to have such a workshop, and is only a short drive from my home in the SF Bay Area.

Would I take the workshop again? Definitely. Six months later, I still pull out the good 'ol Scheimflug (sp?) handouts from the class to explain to other people who want to learn more about the format.

I hope this review helps those who are new to this forum, and new to the format.

-- Andy Biggs (, December 08, 2001

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