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Does anyone know which named trains from the Midwest used the Cordele-Waycross (via Fitzgerald, Douglas, Sessions) and which ones used the Albany - Waycross (via Sylvester, Tifton)line 30 miles to the south? I'd also appreciate any information about how frequent service was on these lines, and when passenger service stopped. I remember seeing local passenger trains at the Tifton station in the early 1960's, but never saw a passenger train in Cordele or Fitzgerald.

-- Raymond Hughes (, December 08, 2001


I already have Mr. Goolsby's excellent ACL book and have ordered the ABC book. Thanks for the help, guys.

-- Raymond Hughes (, December 09, 2001.

In my Oct '54 Official Guide...

Albany-Waycross has City of Miami every 3rd day and Seminole/Flamingo (running together) daily, the latter making all stops.

Cordele-Waycross has Dixie Flagler every 3rd day, Dixie Flyer/Southland (running together) daily, and an all-stops local daily.

-- Chuck Till (, December 09, 2001.

Late in the game, the IC's SEMINOLE and CITY OF MIAMI ran on the Albany-Tifton-Waycross segment of the ex-ACL. The City was operated every other day, and lasted up until Amtrak in '71. The Seminole made its last run in 1969, but I believe it was on a daily schedule up to the end. I don't know of any locals on this segment. The last name train on the Cordele-Waycross segment was SCL's DIXIE FLYER, which in the end wasn't a true "midwest" train since it ran no further than Atlanta. Like the Seminole, it came off in 1969 (January). ACL's locals 101 & 102 operated Atlanta-Cordele-Waycross but were discontinued in late 1958. Larry Goolsby's AB&C book is a great source of info, as is his ACL Postwar Passenger Service book. They're well worth checking out. Hope this helps.

-- bob venditti (, December 08, 2001.

i suggest he buy a book

-- R.R. (, December 08, 2001.

Larry Goolsby's ABC book, sold by the societys should have your answers.

-- J.Oates (, December 08, 2001.

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