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Sort of an unusual question, but has anybody had any experience with a site called that has monthly photography assignments and then critique of the results by the registered community? Do any of my fellow LF shooters use this or find it helpful? Obviously I don't want to get involved if there are any major problems or drawbacks. Thanks for any advice!

-- Scott Jones (, December 08, 2001


I've occasionally participated in Al Shaikh's site (, less so recently due to time constraints. The focus is more on critique with real photographic submissions than hypothetical tech talk. It's as good as the people there, and some of the people there are quite interesting, and there are few flame wars or anything like that.

I've found it to be useful for getting feedback on ongoing projects, when I don't really have time to exhibit or I'm behind on my printing.

-- David Goldfarb (, December 08, 2001.

Yes Scott, I do frequent and am a member too. I used to read Photonet post but off late PN has become a place for flame wars and most discussions were more of personal interest and contributing very litle to the photo community. Usefilm projects and photo critique are very enlighting and the members are helpful in making you achieve your photographic goals. I would request you to join USEFILM.COM and experience what you have been missing at Photonet. I may add that PN was the first photography oriented web site to give me first hand technical information but USEFILM.COM has opened my eyes and directed me to the creative side of photography which is much more rewarding than alking about resolution of lense or number of pixels or ABCDE brands od gadgets.

-- Anil Nediyara (, December 08, 2001.

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