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Ĉon seems very physical where Trevor leans more towards cerebral. This would account for his talent of offering "chessnuts" of wisdom. So... what is your favorite Trevor line?

Here is mine: "Clean gloves hide dirty hands..."

so what is your favorite Trevor line?

This opinion was made possible by a grant from E U P H O R I C I N D U S T R Y (...................bringing you ideas as well as opiates.)

-- Euphoric Industry (brian@bbmail.co.uk), December 07, 2001


"I have been accused of caring nothing for the truth, but on the contrary, I value the truth so highly that I make sure it is hidden away someplace safe, where it is not soiled by dirty hands, embarrassed by prying eyes, or worn out through overuse." - Trevor Goodchild

Of course there are many more of Trevor's qoutes that I love, but I like this one in regards to his view on the truth.

-- Spidey (sweet_spideygirl@hotmail.com), December 07, 2001.

"Light in the absence of eyes illuminates nothing. visible forms are not inherent in the world but are granted by the act of seeing. Events contain no meaning in themselves only the meaning that the mind imposes on them...yet the world endures,...whether or not the mind exists..."

Trevor Goodchild, Demiurge episode, opening sequence.

-- Emma Frost (ice_cold_emma_frost@yahoo.com), December 07, 2001.

Hey Spidey. What episode is that line from?

-- Logo (Vosepherus@aol.com), December 08, 2001.

I think it's from Ether Drift theory. am I correct?

-- Emma Frost (ice_cold_emma_frost@yahoo.com), December 09, 2001.

I believe that line was from the Herodotus File, it sticks out in my memory because that particular entry went on to talk of "myopic zealots" -and that wording just kinda stuck in my mind.

-- cynical (gemini318@excite.com), December 11, 2001.

Is the Heroditus File worth getting (if I can still find it) or is it just corporate schlock meant to milk the franchise?

-- Logo (Vosepherus@aol.com), December 11, 2001.

Hahaha!! I think it's more of the second answer, there. There's nothing really "new" in the file, it cites episodes as reference and uses all the aspects of the Flux world. I don't know if what I'm saying makes sense... Basically, it gives you more information on what you've seen; it gives names to all the locale (ie the sinking island, office space, etc). And it gives you the gritty details of Monican fetish magazines and all kinds of other fetishes, while telling you a story as you're reading Trevor's memos and stuff. =) There's a comic at the end. Should buy it. Sometimes you just can't get enough Flux. =D It's interesting reading Aeon in a non-animated context. Is it worth the money you'll be shelling out?? Depends on how good your imagination is. And don't walk into a bathroom and think of the word "orthodontophobia" (fear of teeth). You'll be glad you didn't. ;)

-- cynical (gemini318@excite.com), December 11, 2001.

To answer Logo, the qoute I like from Trevor is from the Herodotus File, in regards to whether or not it is worth getting, it just depends on your opinion, I've read reviews on it, and everyone has their own views, some liked it, some didn't.

-- Spidey (sweet_spideygirl@hotmail.com), December 12, 2001.

We are not what we remember of ourselves, we are what people say we are....we are nothing but blank screens.

-- king (kingcanute@uboot.com), December 18, 2001.

The file isn't quite the same as the show. It focuses on the violence, sex, and spy vs. spy type stuff from Aeon rather than the deeper ideas. But the writing is extremely creative and clever, so the answer would be Yes, it is worth shelling out $20.

-- Frostbite (krooks@agnesscott.edu), December 19, 2001.

The Herodotus File is, in fact, a file ("dossier") containing several related subfiles which altogether comprises not only a sociocultural/political history but is as a special (read: SECRET) document itself in its own conceit also the compliling and itinerary for its termination as (a) history; the menu tool for the running of a schedule to effect a special order programmatic liquidation of the contents it comprises only for sakr of reference for the Archivists of Bregna to refer to should they come across something redflag that has to be checked for deletion from official absolute database.

Among the sensitive subfiles that comprise the greater body of the Dossier:

The Origin of Two Dystopiae (both geographically occupying together the entirety of one sequestered geography): (i) Bregna (ii) disrecognized space ["Monica"] which many generations in the past as is alleged was altogether in fact one nation entire then known as: (0) Berognica

The other main parallel that is to be reconstructed out of the Dossier as a whole is, coincidentally, what happens to be the documentation on how Breen Chairman Trevor Goodchild (who in fact commissioned the Herodotus Operation that was conceived to see to the elimination of History itself) and the Monican AEon Flux first came into contact and how they met and how that matter was supposed to end too and never did -- despite all recognized or authoritative evidence or academic review and consesnsus appurtenant to what we have On File...

A third parallel thread of continuity winding through the archive itself is what emerges as the internecine interdepartmental intrigues involving office politics amongst the various Breen cryptocratic agencies who are drawn into a contemptuous familiarity betwixt the crush of them along the way, and how one operative in-particular, Euphemia (Eric's character - oh, he is so siiiiiiick!!

Gyaaaahd! )

And Eric Singer and I cowrote the greater body of the thing together, with much meticulous fine attenuation and continuity polish from Peter Gaffney and Japhet Asher (who in fact co-wrote it with Eric and I - plus I must confess, it was actually Eric's and Japhet's idea - which I initially thought dissatisfactory, somehow (!?!) - that Monica and Bregna had been altogether one nation.


-- dangerboy (artian@earthlink.net), December 20, 2001.

Hmmmm...As a member of the creative team for the File I hardly consider your commentary on the subject to be impartial dangerboy. On a sliggtly related note, did any of you guys ever think about making an Aeon Flux comic series?

-- Logo (Vosepherus@aol.com), December 20, 2001.

Well, what do you think, Logo? That I'm just making all of that up? Outta my haed? Or, WHAAAAAAAAAA . . . .

"Commentary" --?? Here's some "commentary" ;-'

"Slightly related"? ??> I think that'd be okay. If AEON FLUX is the art house film that turned all the James Bond moviies ever done (since Connery went and got a life way back when ok that is) into a fcking CARTOON - If Chung can do that he can do a fking "comic book", huh. He ought to! You know I would

-- dangerboy (artian@earthlink.net), December 20, 2001.

"Its the evolution revolution. May the best man win"

-- Dardar Minx (djmann88@hotmail.com), February 06, 2002.

NO, i dont want to see

but you WILL see, THE DEMIURGE!!!!!11111

-- Hyril jhones (docteur5@hotmail.com), July 26, 2002.

The Flesh Will Be Tearing At The Opera House Tonight-final words of Trevor Goodchild,Esq.

-- alex (doesn't work@yahoo.com), May 03, 2003.

Not a lot, for me, has really compared to the Audial experience of hearing J.R. Lee growl "NOW YOU'LL SEE!!", followed by the demiurge theme. Thus, thats my fave quote, perhaps even, of anything.

-- Sam (janecherrington@paradise.net.nz), May 05, 2003.

I'm not sure this totally correct, but I'm pretty darn sure:

"This is what happens, when a great deal of intellegence is invested in ignorance."

-refence to Bambara

-- Mark (nadar@BigPoppaPump.zzn.com), May 06, 2003.

I love all of those quotes and more. Trevor has always been an intellectual gem in and of himself in general.

-- Phi-Human (ubik@purdue.edu), May 12, 2003.

That's the funny thing about memory, isn't it. We are not what we remember of ourselves. We are what people say we are. They project upon us their convictions. We are nothing but blank screens. -Trevor Goodchild

-- Dave (themadmonk@ureach.com), September 22, 2003.

That which does not kill us makes us stranger.

-- jen (jencron@tmail.com), August 31, 2004.

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