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Considering how quickly one can rack up the bucks in large format equipment (cameras.lenses, tripods etc.) that many of us in large format regularly pack, travel or leave in the car or house, the question of insurance comes to mind. How many folks have equipment insurance against theft, damage etc. and what is the best way to get this coverage? A rider on your house policy? A seperate coverage? Or does the cost simply prohibit its effective use? Thanks in advance.

-- Michael Kadillak (, December 06, 2001


I have a seperate policy for my equipment through State Farm, it is called a Personal Articles Policy and it is a lifesaver. I have all of my equipment covered for just about anything that could happen to it, for less than $10 a month. It is worth every penny! I have only needed it once so far, when my puppy got ahold of my Sekonic light meter... not a ton of money relative to my other gear, but as a full time student I wouldn't have been able to replace it otherwise. I haven't been able to find similar coverage at this price anywhere else. --Kate

-- Kate Prather (, December 06, 2001.

I just got a rider on my home insurance for my gear. The cost was something like 1.5% of the replacement value of the equipment, so I paid something like $150 for a years coverage (Cdn).

The coverage is unconditional - if I slip, fall on top of my gear and break everything, drop a lens, throw a lens (!), have stuff stolen, etc. they write me a check. No deductible, nothing.

It sure gives you peace of mind when your walking across a scree slope with $10K of camera equipment on your back.


-- Ken Miller (, December 06, 2001.

Insurance is a must!!!!!!

I have it as an Personal Articles floater attachment to renters insurance. Insuring the equipment itself cost appx. $14 per month per $10,000 here in LA.

To set up, I sent A+ Auto & Home an itemized list, they called about large items of over a grand, and wanted serial numbers. Inexpensive items not related such as an accesory to larger camera, are not included (such as dark cloth vs. lens board) but may be covered under personal articles coverage of renters policy.

Haven't had to use it, peace of mind is well worth it.

-- Andre Noble (, December 06, 2001.

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