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I am new to the forum and it is great there is a forum for Aeon Flux fans! Anyway here is my question...well here is my premise first:

Many of you have posted that Una might be the little girl in WAR. Now in WAR, it seems that the Breens are fighting off the Monicans from infiltrating their territory or something. So my question is...if the little girl is Una...amd she is in Breen territory when Romeo sees Una...a Breen?

The only stickler in my idea is the episode Ishmas Crypticus whicfh introduces Una as a young woman. Aeon says something to her like "you have been living on frozen eel sticks" in a manner as if she is trying to survive. Why? She seems to be in Monica...her boyfriend seems to be dressed Monican and the architecture of Una's building looks Monican. And her and Aeon leave to get inside Trevor's "birdhouse" (chuckle) I assume leaving Monica.

So is Una a Breen living in Monica? Or was Una a Monican trapped in Bregna as a child? This bit of ambiguity I suppose is fitting since Una could represent a younger Aeon to some point.

Ok...thanks for bearing with me! What does anyone here think?

-- Euphoric Industry (, December 06, 2001


This is so creative! I always assumed Una was living cheap because she was going to college, (remember she was studying languages or something).

-- Barb e. (, December 08, 2001.

Hmmm true she was studying language. Odd too that she seemed to know alot about Breen code language though. She made a point that someone didn't want anyone to read the documents because they were so highly coded in Breen. So could this also point to the fact that Una could be a Breen in Monica....hmmmmm. Wished they did more on Una...I liked her if she went after birdmen who looked ex-Kiss rockers!

-- Euphoric Industry (, December 08, 2001.

When Narek bursts in on Una he senses that Una is in love with somebody else then speculates it is Aeon saying something like "you always had a thing for foreign toungue or something". Foreign? Is Aeon a foreignor to Una?! Although this was meant as a joke to Una and her language studies, this might clinch the fact that Una could be a Breen expatriate possibly liberated by Aeon, hence their aquaintence with each other; or even also possible she was liberated from Bregna by the male Seraphtrev!! Cool for me to figure it out! "Time off for good behavior...doo, do doo do....!"

-- Euphoric Industry (, December 10, 2001.

The answer is yes, Una is a Breen. Sorry I couldn't resist that answer. I don't know what everyone is talking about in this article. You see my sister sent me this article because my name is Una Breen, it really is! Would anyone care to tell me...the rest of the story? Thanks....Una Breen

-- Una Breen (, March 01, 2004.

Hi Una, nice to meet you. This forum is about an animated series calles "Aeon Flux" it deals with a female spy (Aeon) from the country of "Monica" fighting a totalitarian dictator (Trevor) in the country of "Bregna". Bregna's inhabitants are called Breen. So, YOU ;-) support Aeon in one episode by translating ancient Breen documents, as she is trying to free a victim of Trevor (a colorful winged bodybuilder). Finally you betray Aeon and fly away with that guy. Sadly you are killed soon later by the bite of a small but fiendish bug.

Hope you enjoy this & congratulations on your name. Maybe you can get hold of an episode on tape or so. The episode you appear in is called "Istmus Crypticus".

One more thing: You do not have, by chance, a family member called "Monica Breen"? THAT would be spooky...

-- Martin (, March 02, 2004.

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