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Confirmers of MARP please note for my newest Klax inp file, playback is a bit awkward, but possible.

Delete NVRAM. Then run mame, e.g. mame55 klax, wait until you see the split 2 player Klax screen. Hit ESC. A proper default klax.nv is created. Then...

mame55 klax -playback mlklax

should work correctly. I suspect that the default high scores are loaded in by this point, which probably effects the random number generator. Before that I think the high score memory locations are nulls? I'll have to check...

Please confirm inp if possible, this will verify my theory :)


-- Mark Longridge (, December 05, 2001


To make certain that playback is consistent I uploaded a nvram file called klaxhold.nv (the name is to make sure the file isn't overwritten).

One would then rename the file klaxhold.nv to klax.nv and all should be well :)

-- Mark Longridge (, December 05, 2001.

The file is at if anyone is curious.

-- Mark Longridge (, December 05, 2001.

Do you know that klax inputs were playbacking perfectly well with m35 final or m35tg ? And no need there to take headache with this "nvram" stuff

I didn't try m36 final, but I think that this game has playback problems since "nvram" arrival (37b_some number I don't remember; 37b10 maybe)

-- phil (, December 05, 2001.

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