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Some CDs I reckon are a bit faulty at the end of the CD or maybe they came up with some copy protection to deter us from copying the file. As you know, we can only copy the entire file to the hard disc or nothing at all. So othis is what happens, it copies the file which is about 550 MB to the hard disc, 10 seconds before the file is supposed to be done copying, an error message pops up saying that "Could not read **** from the source file"....

How do I copy the CD if I cannot first copy the dat file to the hard disc?


-- Kelvin (, December 05, 2001


Dear Kelvin, You can copy that .dat file using MS-DOS. I had the same problem but I copied that dat file upto error point by using COPY command in MS-DOS. OR BY USING VCDCLIPPER SOFTWARE YOU CAN COPY THAT FILE UPTO THE ERROR POINT. VCDCLIPPER IS A FREESOFTWARE. IT IS AVAILABLE INTERNET SITE. BYE RTMN

-- THIRUMURUGESAN (, December 08, 2001.

Another solution would be to go to task manager and end that task the VCD file would have been copied until the point of error check it out i have done this for many files.

If the Cd has lot of scratches then try getting the movie out using VCDGear

-- Arun Varadarajan (, April 01, 2002.

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