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I absolutely love Christmas. For I love God so much! And to think that Bod loves us so much that he would give the world his only begotten son. Takes my breath away. To read the story of the birth of Christ, to think of the three wise men and their journey. And to remember Mary and Joseph makes this time of the year one of the most spiritual times in the world. As my daughter and I put up our Christmas tree, we gazed at each ornament and there was a God memory behind it. "Mom, remember this ornament, this is one we put the year you had two hearattacks, I was grateful God spared your life." I looked at another ornament, and it was the one we bought the year we found a bigger apartment that we could afford. After months of prayer. The Chistmas tree represents the celebration and creation of the world by God. As you look at ornaments on your tree remember how far God has brought us through tough and dark times. So I ask the question "Are you excited about Christmas?" God loves you so much and his love manifest in his son, our lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

-- Anonymous, December 05, 2001


The first line of my above post should say "God" not Bos. Alas my secret is out, I helpless without spellcheck. Merry Christmas;-)

-- Anonymous, December 05, 2001

Just thinking of Christmas let me think that 2000 years ago a Leader was born to lead us from our sinfull life.

During this time our family usualy comes together to worship Jesus and spend time with each other. We call it a time of telling each other how blessed we are and will be in Christ.

Remember that the greatest give that you can give your family and friends is to tell them to except Christ as their personal saviour cause God give His only Son for us.

God shine His light upon you during this festive time.

Love you all


-- Anonymous, December 06, 2001

The day that Christ was born helps to create a spirit that should last all year long. I am celebrating the fact that Christ came to this earth to be the ultimate sacrifice. What better thing is there to celebrate than the fact that we are forgiven just for the asking. We are saved because of the blood He shed on this earth. We receive joy every morning because He came. He constantly interceeds for me and you at the right hand of God. He showed us, through His life,how we are to live and exists. The reasons that I celebrate His coming are too numerous to mention them all, but thank you for this grand opportunity to express just a few. God Bless you and Happy Birthday Jesus!

-- Anonymous, December 08, 2001

Greetings, Here in Mitchells Plain, South Africa we are getting more and more accustomed to referring to the Advent Season, as it does not have that commercial rings as Christmas

God Bless

-- Anonymous, December 10, 2001

Rev. Pillay could you share with us some of the Christmas traditions in your church and country. I would love to share this info with my congregation on Sunday. We are looking at how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Sunday we looked at Mexico. I look forward to hearing about a south african christmas. Thank you!

-- Anonymous, December 10, 2001

Greetings in the name of Jesus

The Advent season is really still a family season in South Africa. It is the hottest (weather wise) time of the year. Light-heartedly .. it is the only time we can get our children to go and sleep before seven in the evening ... waiting for Father Christmas.

We normally have nativity plays presented by our youth and the church school pupils with a message by the pastor. I had the opportunity of taking a gospel group to go and sing at various homes of the aged. I am about the only person who have some photographs of Bishop & Mrs Bob Thomas jun, Bishop & Mrs Hunter and Bishop & Mrs Ming taken in their night gowns as we turned up at about 4am in the morning to sing carols.

As indicated for the better part of the day we spend with our families sharing gifts to remind us of the greatest gift of all time ...The Son of God.



-- Anonymous, December 15, 2001

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