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I know this forum isn't supposed to be a 'for sale and wants', but this is an item that's going to be scrapped unless someone takes it away. I've reclaimed an old 'Watson' studio stand with 6 foot high geared column, fixed cross-arm, but without head, on a substantial 4 castor base. The condition is mechanically good, but the chrome finish is rust peckled.
This item will be FREE to anyone who cares to collect, from the Birmingham, West Midlands, area of the UK. First likely e-mail secures.
Be quick, we need the space.

-- Pete Andrews (, December 05, 2001


Well, you got my hopes up, for a moment, until I realized where you are!

Best wishes,

from Birmingham


-- Alec (, December 05, 2001.

Too bad. I was just in the UK last week, but alas, nowhere near Birmingham. Think British Airways would have let me put it in the overhead bin?

-- David Goldfarb (, December 05, 2001.

It might not quite pass as hand luggage, David, but it does knock down for easy transport and storage. The column splits into two 3' sections and the dolly comes apart as well. The whole thing will fit into a space about 3' x 1' x 18". It'd go in a car boot, no sweat.

-- Pete Andrews (, December 07, 2001.

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