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I am curious if anyone can tell me how extensive the Photo Lab Index is. Does it have specs on line film? does it have products from Arista and Maco? There are still things I cannot find on the web. What is your experience and rating of the PLI. Thanks Eugene

-- eugene sykes (, December 04, 2001


I haven't used a current version, but I have used several older ones....they're pretty handy to have around if you can afford them.... As for Aristo and Maco products, why don't you just ask Morgan & Morgan if they put those updates in there as well....the older volumes were massive and contained info from just about every manufacturer there was, plus short tech how-to sheets as well. Since maco is European, and Aristo is sorta off-brand repackaging of Ilford products and some graphic arts products too, that stuff might not be in there...of course, you could just save the $125 and contact Aristo or maco for that sort of info.....

-- DK Thompson (, December 05, 2001.

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