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1. 4x5 film, Portra 160 NC or Fuji NPS 160: when sold in Europe, are the sizes different? 2. Holders, I use Toyo, are the sizes different in Europe? 3. In particular in the Netherlands, between Amsterdam and Eindhoven, where can I buy the film mentioned under 1. ? (Q for Andrea Milano?) If the answer to 2. is YES, can I buy US sizes in the NL?


-- Marcus Leonard (, December 04, 2001


Although I don't use sheet film myself, I might have some addresses for you.

    A very good professional shop is Foto Klein in Rotterdam (just a few yards from Central Station): ; I am sure they can help you.
    Capi Lux is a high end professional shop, both in Amsterdam and Rotterdam; can't find their addresses at the moment. They are somewhere on internet.
    KJP in Amsterdam and Rotterdam tel Amsterdam (0)20 6977171

    -- Wim van Velzen (, December 04, 2001.

Dear Marcus, yes you can buy any "american" film size in Europe, we use to have two sizes the metric and the "american-english" sizes, they were always sold next to one another(9x12cm-4"x5" or 18x24cm-8"x10") these days you would only be able to find "american-english" sizes, so don't worry and just go and get them. I agree with the previous contributor but I wouldn't choose "Foto Klein" and I'd rather go to the following shops.

Fimex (Amsterdam, Purmerend, Eindhoven) a very convenient shop, well stocked but do not espect too much in terms of advice, great prices and special offers (at times...) Fimex Amsterdam, Parnassusweg 206, 020-6767569. Camex Eindhoven, Hooghuisstr. 29 040-2449081 Fimex Professional Nijverheidsweg 22-24 Purmerend. Tel. 0299-432777. Fax, 0299-429921.

Capi lux Capi Lux Vak Amsterdam Basisweg 42 1043 AP Amsterdam

T: 020-5858585 F: 020-5858500 E: ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Capi Lux Vak Rotterdam Abraham van Stolkweg 48 3041 JA Rotterdam

T: 010-4153344 F: 010-4153666 E:

Capi is very expensive but will provide the largest selection of Items available , most of it on display as a cash and carry shop, rather than a shop with a counter divideng the customers from the stock.

Marx & Schuuring Burg. Röellstraat 25

1064 BK Amsterdam

tel. 020-6112212

fax. 020-6135857 good shop even though lately became less friendly and more computer oriented, good assortment, you can browse .

Calumet KJP Amsterdam 020-6977171 Rotterdam 010-4566333

good shop , not cheap or easy to reach, you can browse.

I hope that you are satisfied with these addresses, drop me an e-mail if you are in Holland, I will try to help you Good luck

-- andrea milano (, December 05, 2001.

Wim and Andrea, thank you very much! Best from NY. Marcus

-- Marcus Leonard (, December 06, 2001.

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