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39 more days......and im watching you!

-- lillie the stalker (, December 04, 2001



I think Ronnie made it pretty clear that anybody could request a cover, but the possibility of us actually working on it is very unlikely. We might be more inclined to work on something that we knew someone wanted to hear, but that doesn't mean we might waste an entire weekend sitting around instead. we didn't do anything all through Thanksgiving break.

anyway, just to clear a few things up, Ronnie screams like a little girl just as much as Patrick does, Wyatt is a distant third, and I don't make any noise at all ever. We have new shirts, and I updated the website so everyone getting this message should go check it and buy stuff and look at the shows section. Finally TKW ain't afraid of nobody, so punk princess can tell her stupid friends that! Who needs an Easton when you know kung fu?

-- nate (, December 05, 2001.


is anyone else finding this strangely erotic?

-- eldangeroso (CREEPYCOLON@AOL.COM), December 04, 2001.

i dont know....i just dont know

hhmmm we have never had someone countdown the days till we played before, the pressure for us to rock out is now to the max!!! so this is what we will do...think of some songs you want us to cover and we will pick one, cover it, and play it in stockton just for you. now i have no garantee we will do this, because we get side tracked a lot and end up playing ps2 or poking Patrick with sticks till he screems like a girl,wich he does a lot!!! (again he never reads this)

-- karateronnie (, December 04, 2001.


hehe i know someone that likes patrick. well thinks he's a hottie anyways. remember who ronnie? patrick still single? think he'd be interested? actually whenever i mention tkw half my friends go "they r hot" and then the guys r like "oh them" and make other comments like "i still got that easton" (referring to the baseball bats they own that they wanna kick ur butt with...but i told them they don't need to aren't i nice?)

-- Punk Princess LaUrA (, December 04, 2001.

watch out, i still got that easton.

dang, how do people use aol? everything loads so slowly. anyone else suffering through the at&t broadband bankruptcy? so anyways, why should stalkers be rewarded? i'd like to request a cover, but i guess regular fans are excluded from this deal.

-- notastalker (, December 05, 2001.

in that case-

start practicing jay-z's "girls girls girls". NOW!

-- eldangeroso (, December 05, 2001.

kung fu? i still think ronnie vs. john larson wrestling

ah poop. my friends aren't stupid! plus i would never let them hurt ronnie (at least not anymore) anybuddy goin to see ataris? im hella poor so if anyone wants to buy me a ticket...jk. speakin of ataris and cover songs, everyone be on the lookout for john larson's new band the sophmore promise. they r still jus getting started but i honestly think they seriously rock. i went to their band practice sunday and they covered ataris' san dimas.. yea they r gonna be a great band. and don't forget this xmas season, LoCal MuSac will gladly take money donations cos we be poor.

-- Punk Princess LaUrA (, December 06, 2001.

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