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the first post of seven

-- maryann (, December 04, 2001



-- maryann (, December 04, 2001.


-- maryann (, December 04, 2001.


-- maryann (, December 04, 2001.


-- maryann (, December 04, 2001.


-- maryann (, December 04, 2001.

seven steps to heaven

-- maryann (, December 04, 2001.

but only one step to lindauer

-- maryann (, December 04, 2001.

once we heard "3 Steps to Heaven" by Eddie Cochran on Radio Dunedin & after it the DJ said "3 Steps to Heaven...but only 1 step to Hell!"

what did he mean?

-- unknown or illegal user (, December 06, 2001.

He meant 'don't start a weblog'

-- maryann (, December 10, 2001.

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Have to add a Merkin mention on the overrated list... NEVER got that record; nor have I ever understood the bruhaha around the UK Apple LP. Lastly... if Gandalf had a straight pic of the band on the front it'd be a $5 record. Enormously overrated, I've heard this 200 times and 10 minutes after each listen all I can remember is a 6th rate Tim Hardin cover. Really nice sleeve though.

Speaking of really nice sleeves on really REALLY overrated records... Garrett Lund. Yow. What a lame-ass boring record. Great cover. Seriously great cover.

foreverisadream wrote:

--- In psychedelica@y..., Stan Denski wrote:

Good choices. Pepper's fantastic but there are 5 or 6 better Beatles records; Surrealistic Pillow is also fantastic but I'd rather hear Crown of Creation or Volunteers. And, not this post but another similar one... Quicksilver "Happy Trails" IS boring.

Karl Ikola wrote:

Beatles: Sergeant Pepper Jefferson Airplane: Surrealistic Pillow Hey, I like the LPs just fine, and they're influential and all but....


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************ Overated LPs:

New Tweedy Bros Euphoria - a gift from Art of Lovin Growing Concern Dragonfly (U.S.) Merkin J.K.and Co. British North American Act Andwella's Dream Underated: New Mix Chrysalis Unspoken Word Summerhill Mr. Flood's Party Rainbow Press Glass Family Hollins and Starr Food (This is every bit as good as Gandalf or Common People?)

My apologies if I affended anyone, its just my opinion. Regards, Buzz

-- (, February 01, 2002.

My picks for underrated (I'm cheating by using others lists for a memory jog):

Smoke: s/t LP on Sidewalk

Glass Family: Electric Band LP on WB ("Agorn (Elements Of Complex Variables"

sounds like Amon Duul II circa Yeti, the rest ranges from Doorsy fuzz/blues to delicate L.A.-style lost melodies).

WCPAEB: A Child's Guide To Good and Evil LP (widely hailed now but in the '80s everyone seemed to cite the first two Reprise LPs, maybe this one was too hard to find)

Mad River: s/t (covered in my other post).

Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band: Strictly Personal LP Blue Thumb (ditto)

SRC: s/t (another that seems to be getting its due now but to me this makes mince meat of Morgen, and I love that LP!)

Beau Brummels Triangle LP '67 WB (sure, those who know, *know*, but considering the great divide 'tween the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame set (someone actually once said to me: "I only buy records that win Grammy's, why waste time on the losers..."?) and the snobby obscurantists (you've heard of it? Damn! I better pull out something else to try to get your gander up!), this LP gets pretty universally lost time and time again. Maybe the Van Dyke Parks revival has rectified that but that seems tangential and almost sad if you need to give his involvement full credit to prop up the LP's rep.

Tea Company: Come and Have Some Tea LP Smash '68 (seems to get written off for the Vanilla Fudge-isms of the lead off track but this LP is one wild sonic ride)

Summerhill: s/t LP on Tetragrammaton

Unfolding: How To Blow Your Mind LP on Audio Fidelity (released in '67 and written off as exploito but it's much better than Animated Egg or even the Deep for consistently tripped out-ness, though in fairness the Deep came out a year earlier and is cut from a similar cloth)

Kim Fowley: Outrageous LP Imperial '69 (now getting its due but this is LA's answer to the Stooges' Funhouse a year before that LP was released)...

Floating Bridge LP on Vault: looking at it you'd think its a dullard with covers of "Hey Jude" and what not but the LP packs a punch...

Blackbirds: No Destination LP (UK, Saga). What a great lost LP by this German group that moves in between R&B, Beat, Pop and demented psych with a charming awkwardness. I guess its just emotionally damaged enough to lose people (the Crack in the Cosmic Egg book gave it a bad review so you know it has to have something good going for it...)

Can: Monster Movie LP '69 (yeah, the private press version is worth a fortune and Can have been cited as being as important to today's kids (last 10 years or so) as the Velvet Underground was 25 years ago (as much as I love 'em I think the Velvets have now reached overrated status, compared to say, the Mystic Tide...), but "Father Cannot Yell" should be on the top of anyone's list for "monster guitar destruction", with only the first SRC LP really hitting the same kind of tonalties consistently (Quackenbush vs. Karoli, that would have been a battle!)..KI

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-- (, February 01, 2002.

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Aw go ahead! You write really well and I would personally enjoy reading you put McKay and anything else, regardless of what I think, through the TV shredder and I'd get a kick out of reading it; the kick would be dimished a bit if every overrated record was one that I put out, but come on... do it.


sistersunshine wrote:

> > Wow, this really proves how subjective the whole rare/psych universe > really is. Music Emporium, Rising Storm, Index, and the Litter are > overrated? me. Then again, the line seems to move over > time: the New Tweedy Bros and the Fredric would have both been on my > overrated list 10 years ago, but time has proved them to be mighty > durable records that I'd never part with today. Anyway, might as well > weigh in with a few:

> > Underrated: > > Blops-first LP (everyone seems to go for the third one, but I don't > think it comes close to this)

> > Som Imaginario-2nd (generally considered far inferior to the first one, > but there's a couple of stunning tracks that top it)

> > Blue Things-s/t on RCA (this has taken a ton of slack ever since I can > recall, but Val's songs and vocals are lovely) >

> Famous Jug Band-Sunshine Possibilities (kinda lost in the shuffle of > COB-mania these days, but some of Clive Palmer's best work is here) >

> Overrated:

> Uh, got as far as Mckay's "Into You" and decided I was walking on thin > ice....

> -wayne > > -- > Twisted Village Records > 12B Eliot Street > Cambridge, MA 02138 > Phone: (617) 354-6898 > Fax: (617) 354-6899 >

-- (, February 02, 2002.

-- unknown or illegal user (, April 26, 2002.

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