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Do you enjoy the Christmas season? For the most part, I think I could do without it. Thanksgiving is a vastly superior holiday--it has all of the fun and a lot less stress than Christmas.

That being said, I guess there is some thrill in finding the perfect gift for someone or in getting something you really wanted but never would have bought for yourself.

So, is Christmas a good thing, or just a big pain in the ass?

-- Anonymous, December 02, 2001


Well, I hate the thing about not getting to go to Xmas parties...or have a date...but I *am* hoping for gifts-- books, fountain pen ink (copper-colored from Fahrney's, cocoa from Levenger), or a pony.

-- Anonymous, December 02, 2001

Christmas is great. It stands for what it has always stood for: a big fat feast celebrating the birth of Mr. Christ (which actually happened on some other day around here). Ya know, without his teachings, a lot of people would have to be self-righteous and bigoted about random things like computer operating systems or bands they listen to... huh. And a lot of people would go to church one less day a year.

From a non-spiritual angle, Christmas is good, because it gives video game and doodad developers a deadline by which they have to release stuff or else hold on to it for another year.

If the measure of goodness of a holiday is how much fun it is vs. how much stress is involved, it would vary greatly from person to person. See, for me, Thanksgiving is almost no fun at all - I cook myself a bean burrito and say "thanks indians, for being horribly exploited." Christmas, as mentioned above, involves a lot of new releases - fun at low low prices!

-- Anonymous, December 02, 2001

I enjoy Christmas a lot more than Thanksgiving partly because of the short region of vacation around Thanksgiving and the larger window of time to visit/rest around Christmas. Also, at least in my family, the religion element makes it much more interesting a holiday.

Since I don't buy many gifts it is cool, I just sit around waiting for gifts from other people and afterward brooding about not getting anything from other people...?

Anyways, Christmas is cool with me!

-- Anonymous, December 03, 2001

I think that christmas is a good thing because of what "happened" on christmas. I believe that at least one day a year we need to stop and recognize that there is someone greater than ourselves, and His birth we celebrate on christmas.

Besides Christ being has no other signifigance...unless you're looking at it from a "hallmark" point of view.

-- Anonymous, December 03, 2001

X mas SUCKS!!!!!

OK maybe I'm a little biased because my grandfater passed away just before X mas (several years ago} also I was raised Catholic and although great for some, it's not my perfered religion. All that aside here are my honest unbiased reasons.

What does the X mas season have to do with the birth of Christ? Where in the Bible is the gift giving on the 25th, the over spending, the holliday cheer and goodwill tword mankind on the 25th, the over done lights all over houses, and those damn bell ringers. ect ect ect

Why do we have to be extra nice to people and have that Xmas spirit only once a year? What about the rest of the year. It's kinda sad that we are kind around Dec. but from Jan.-Nov. f%^$ everyone eles every man, woman, and rat for themself. Is it really that hard to hold a door open, let someone else go first, or keep yor middle finger out of the air and in your nose (where it belongs} all year round.

X mas is officialy sponsored and promoted by everyone who stands to profit from the holiday's existance. It has been completely comercialized, it is no longer a religious holiday nor stands for anything remotely good. Just a great example of greed playing on our guilt to the extent that we become sheep lead by advertising. Try showing up one X mas without any presents. Your family and friends might understand but how would you feel?

Why do I have to wait until Dec 25 to give someone a special gift. If everyone is giving gifts at the same time it's really not that special. X mas kinda dulls the thoughtfulness and heartfelt meaning because it is THE TIME for giving. Wouldn't a gift be more meaningfull to someone if it was for no reason at all?

I really do not like being so negative about something I have to find something good. I think that the only worth of X mas is that it gets people to be a little more thoughtfull of others. Hopefully some of this good will reaches those who really need it.

On a completely different note. Jen I was so happy to see a question today, it's been so long. No pressure or anything it was just wanted to let you know it was a happy suprise.

John {former email was dogspleen}

-- Anonymous, December 03, 2001

christmas is evil, but not as evil as clowns. or those old ladies who give out samples at the supermarket.

-- Anonymous, December 03, 2001

Besides the finding the perfect gift for everyone and not going over budget, the stress, the dry x-mas turkey, reminders why you only see certain relatives once a year, wearing those paper hats from x-mas crackers, having the cat kock down the tree (again!), having the dog knock down the tree because it tried to eat the fake candy canes on the tree (again!), drunk relatives, sober relatievs, "funny" uncles who ask for you to pull their fingers, the annual family arguement, the annual family peacemaking, and fruitcake made of rocks, I think x- mas is a wonderful time of year.

-- Anonymous, December 04, 2001

Christmas got a whole lot better with us having three kids (10, 8, & 5). For my part not a big deal but to see it through their eyes:


That is what it is all about

-- Anonymous, December 04, 2001

I like Christmas fine, and for my family it is a much more special holiday than Thanksgiving. (I've never quite gotten the big deal about Thanksgiving, truthfully; I mean, it's a secular holiday, sure, so therefore more inclusive than any of the religious ones, but still, for me it's a nice four-day weekend, nothing more.)

Although I was raised in the Episcopal church, I've been an atheist for most of my adult life, yet Christmas still charms me. I will admit Christmas no longer possesses the "special" quality it had for me when I was young and full of wonder, but I like the lights and colors and music and (many of the) corny tv specials. My fave Xmas movie: MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET (the original, in pristine black and white).

-- Anonymous, December 04, 2001

What I can't stand about Christmas is the complete LIE!!! about Santa Claus. Don't get me wrong here. I believe in angels and miracles and lots of other things - but not a guy who delivers the actual physical gifts to children. Take for instance, my mom's friend who said "Life is too hard already Chris", as if by not lying to my (future) children , -I- am the evil one. BS! I do not plan to raise my children with a lie. I'm still traumatized by seeing my parents unloading gifts from a cardboard box when I almost walked in on them in the basement - yikes! I want my children to volunteer at a shelter, or actually make gifts themselves and give them to people because they WANT to - not because it's the damn 25th of December...again. Oh, and if you have an interest in Christ, spend each and every day on it, not just the 25th. I agree with the above posts - "X mas" is too commercialized. But hey, I like the holiday "feeling", especially watching Martha Stewart and those crafty shows on the Home and Garden channel. Also, my favoriate Christmas song is "Ding Dong Merrily on High". Ok, I'm done.

-- Anonymous, December 05, 2001

I like the Saturday Night Live Martha Stewart Xmas skit better. The one where she is celebrating Xmas topless and wearing a Santa hat. Did anyone see this? Where she is doing her craft stuff and they have the black bar moving along with her. Then they switch to the seen where a bunch of kids come to her house and they are exchanging presents, dancing, and jumping up and down all the while the black bar is following her around. Every time someone mentions her name that skit always pops into my head. OK I'll go back to therapy now.

-- Anonymous, December 05, 2001

the look of joy in the children's eyes, the way that the old folks smile, says Christmas should never go away.

I mean, come on, if it doesn't feel good you're undoubtably doing it wrong.

-- Anonymous, December 05, 2001

I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Van, all the way. I am now enjoying Christmases looking through our great grandchildrens eyes as well as through our youngest grandchildrens eyes. Kids good - Christmas good, hope you are too.

-- Anonymous, December 05, 2001

I, uh, deliberately mispelled undoubtedly because it's fun...

-- Anonymous, December 07, 2001

well i dont mind christmas but does anyone know the true meaning of christmas or do you all think it is just presents and a good reason to get drunk anyone get back to me on this questuion

-- Anonymous, September 08, 2002

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