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Hi, Is anyone finding the 17-book limit at Bata Library to be a little out-of-touch with grad student needs? I realize that Bata has limited holdings and therefore needs to keep its circulation in check. As a PhD student, however, I am having serious difficulties with this book limit. My reading courses, field readings, and thesis research all require taking out more than 17 books at a time; indeed, I think a reasonable book limit for Trent grad students should be around 35. This number would still limit Bata library holding circulation while at the same time be more realistic for grad students' needs. (Indeed--35 is low. At Queen's, where I did my MA, we were allowed to take out 50 books at a time; and a colleague at the University of Manitoba informs me that grad students there can take out 200 books at a time.) I would be happy to hear if anyone else is having difficulties with the 17-book limit. Thank you for your time.

-- Donica Belisle (, December 02, 2001

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