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What do you get for the person who has everything they need and want? I struggle with what to give my Mom every year. She doesn't need anything and can get whatever she wants. Anything I can do or make, she can do or make it better. I usually resort to lotion or a book, but I'd like to do something different this year.

-- Jo (, December 01, 2001


For my Mom's birthday, I found a nice photo album on sale at Wal- mart. I filled it with lots of pictures of my kids. She loved it, as many of these pictures she had never seen. I wrote on all of them as well. I had the kids each write her a nice little note and put it in there as. I almost think this is something you could do every year. I think the album was $5, and had pockets to put the pictures in. The pages were green cardboard with little flowers around the edges. It was a nice gift I think!

-- Melissa (, December 01, 2001.

We have some of those type of people too :-) Some of the things we have given are calendars with the kids pictures on them, coffee mugs with the kids picts.,etc. One year I painted a T-shirt with watered down "Scribbles" paint with the words "Chloe's best Papa" on the front and "Carmens best Papa" on the back and put the girls hand prints on the side with their name. He absolutely loved it but doesn't wear it much anymore cause now he's got 4 more granddaughters. This year I'm making him a lap quilt with a likeness of his 1956 Chevy on it. My friend is making her parents a quilt by photocopying pictures of all the grandkids onto fabric made just for that purpose, and putting it together with a simple block. Maybe a coupon for housecleaning or weed-pulling or painting or window- washing or lunch or tea with just you? My parents collect antiques and like books about their stuff. Maybe start or add to a collection of something that she already has or would like? What about a basket of homemade jams, soaps, cheese, butter, bread, cakes, pies or whatever you make? You could always give a gift certificate, but kind of impersonal. Good luck with your choice, it can be real stressful sometimes.

-- Julie (, December 02, 2001.

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