What's the Most Recent Canon F1 ?

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I'm dreaming on E-Bay about getting an F1. Which F1 is the very latest? I've noticed there's the Old F1, the New F1 and a F1n.

How can I tell if the F1 I'm looking at is the last model?

Thanks; Marvin

-- Marvin Miller (marvinmiller@hotmail.com), December 01, 2001


The newest f1 is the New F1 or F1N (BIG N).. The easyist way to tell is tha on the left hand side (wiht the front of the camera facing you) there is a plunger instead of a 'winder'. If you cant picture this then email me and I will point you to a URL.

-- Ian Forbes (ian.forbes@snet.net), December 01, 2001.

Thanks for the reply! So both of the Older F1's (the F1 & the F1n) have the lever on the left and the latest F1 (F1N) would have no lever and the handgrip?

Best & Thanks :-) Marvin Miller

-- Marvin Miller (marvinmiller@hotmail.com), December 01, 2001.

You got it! (I got one on ebay for 175 so if you are patient, you can get a good deal :) )

-- Ian Forbes (ian.forbes@snet.net), December 01, 2001.

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