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Just wondering if Kodak gelatin fliters can be used in the Lee standard holder, or if resin filters must be used.

-- Erik Asgeirsson (, November 30, 2001


Erik, You can use 100 mm gelatin filters, but you'll need to purchase a set of the Lee 100 x 100 mm plastic filter mounts (Lee CM-100, pack of 10 mounts). I use a large number of the Lee 100 mm filters, which are made of a much more durable polyester film substrate, and trimmed them slightly on a Rotatrim trimmer before mounting them in the snap-together mounts. The filter mounts give you something to hang on to, and make the filter stiff enough to be inserted against the not inconsiderable friction generated by the filter guide slots. The friction is necessary to hold the much heavier resin filters, or glass polarizing filter, in a precise position in the filter holder or compendium.

-- Christopher Campbell (, November 30, 2001.

I have made a home-made plastic "step down holder" which allows me to insert 75mmx75mm gels in my 100mmx100mm Lee holder. I put them in a metal Kodak snap apart filter frame first. I also use the 100mmx100mm cardboard frames (after trimming back two side a little). Beware though -- I have found that the Lee / Calumet resin filters do VERY POORLY in backlit or even with front-lit subjects with a light colored background. They flare and soften the image very easily.

-- Richard Stum (, December 01, 2001.

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