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Unfortunately, I have decided to cancel/abandon the Klax competition within the Olympiad after a great deal of thought and discussion.

I recorded test versions of the games for myself and they played back ok in Dos, Windows and MAME32, but I guess that's usually the case as your own PC generally plays back your own recordings...

However, it seems there are NVRAM issues (of course!) so if a player recorded with NVRAM and didn't provide the file, I can't play it back. Also I run without an NVRAM folder, which for 99% of the games I thought was the common and accepted practice.

In hindsight and after discussion with Mark Longridge who knows a lot more about Klax playback than me, I should have either scrapped NVRAM as a game rule, or set the MAME version to MAME32v37b10 which apparently is a lot more reliable.

All my fault, and apologies for messing it up :(

I'll stick to 1980-84 games from now on ...


-- Crash (crash@tcp.co.uk), November 30, 2001

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