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Hi all,

I got a Arca-Swiss type univeral quick release plate for my Toyo 45Aii, it got a one inch wide one mm deep grove in the middle, I was wondering if I can make a metal plate "L" in shape that sit in this grove and mount to the back of the camera to prevent twist?

This idea came out when I find out ordering Really Right Stuff is not as easy as a online purchase by credit card, besides it may save some money and there may be funs in the metal work.

If anyone every did that or similar sort of things, please let me know how to do it and how it works.

Other ideas are also appriciated. Thank you very much in advance. Chin.

-- chin fan so (, November 30, 2001


I have a RRS plate designed for a Canon EOS3 mounted on my Linhof Tech which works perfectly. The shape of the plate happens to fit exactly as needed, but that hardly matters since perfect fit is only "necessary" when tilting a camera vertically and that's rarely done with large format. I have another of the same type of plates mounted on a P67 (which often IS tilted for vertical shots and used with big glass) and, although the fit is horrible, it gets the job done. I think the value of a perfectly contoured quick release plates is over rated opinion only, of course.

RRS not only makes ordering difficult, but they can be borderline rude on the phone. I've probably bought my last plate from them.

-- Michael Veit (, November 30, 2001.


u are absolutely right, they are borderline rude. When I ask why don't they provide better payment method, they said they have more than enough business right now, so ask me why do they have to change. When I ask does their mentioned B27 plate will fit my Toyo 45Aii or not (which they said will fit Toyo 45A), they said it's my reposibility to find thta out, they will not buy a Toyo 45Aii to test for that. What can u say? Demand > supply, they have all the advantage.

Regards Chin.

-- chin-fan so (, November 30, 2001.


actually it's not for sideway mount, it's for doing some back or front standard sideway movement of the field camera. I tried the univeral one, doesn't tight enough for preventing twist.

Thank you. Chin.

-- chin fan so (, November 30, 2001.

The B27 plate does fit the Toyo AII. However it could be a bit bigger to more effectively dampen vibration. RRS is an odd company. My sense is that it is a pet business done for love of the product, not love of the customer. I have a soft spot for cranky entrepreneurs and their products are good so I will stick with them.

-- Andrew Held (, November 30, 2001.

I made one. So can you.

-- edward kang (, December 01, 2001.

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