poetry or writing style of Edger Alaan Poe

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I have project due for my humanities course for the writing of two page paper for the poetry and writing style of Edger Alan Poe. Please help me for this project.Please also give me the details of any particular sites where can I get information about this poet. Thanks.

-- Anonymous, November 29, 2001


www.eapoe.org is an excellent site. poecentral.com, poedcoder.com and quality links are also very good for articles. At the first web site, Poe's own essays on style and poetry are a must though sometimes honored in the breach rather than the observance. The primacy of an emotion supported by a unity of plot, sound, imagery etc. is better explained by Baudelaire in his poem "Correspondences" which theory derives from Poe's own words. Musicality, Poe's favorite themes seem very unique, but as you see by reading a range of his total opus(www.eapoe.org) it includes humor, science in essays, fiction, a novel and a variety of poems. The two Poe's(the rationalist, the mystic)also is a bit deceiving, though best wedded in his invention of the detective story.

-- Anonymous, November 30, 2001

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